Nuris Figueroa-Morales
Nuris Figueroa-Morales
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Living on the edge: transfer and traffic of E. coli in a confined flow
N Figueroa-Morales, GL Mino, A Rivera, R Caballero, E Clément, ...
Soft matter 11 (31), 6284-6293, 2015
Oscillatory surface rheotaxis of swimming E. coli bacteria
AJTM Mathijssen, N Figueroa-Morales, G Junot, É Clément, A Lindner, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-12, 2019
Swimming bacteria in Poiseuille flow: The quest for active Bretherton-Jeffery trajectories
G Junot, N Figueroa-Morales, T Darnige, A Lindner, R Soto, H Auradou, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 126 (4), 44003, 2019
Lagrangian 3D tracking of fluorescent microscopic objects in motion
T Darnige, N Figueroa-Morales, P Bohec, A Lindner, E Clément
Review of Scientific Instruments 88 (5), 055106, 2017
3D Spatial Exploration by E. coli Echoes Motor Temporal Variability
N Figueroa-Morales, R Soto, G Junot, T Darnige, C Douarche, ...
Phys. Rev. X 10 (2), 021004, 2020
Two-dimensional continuous model for bacterial flows through microfluidic channels
N Figueroa-Morales, E Altshuler, A Hernández-García, ...
Revista Cubana de Física 30 (1), 3-8, 2013
E. coli “super-contaminates” narrow ducts fostered by broad run-time distribution
N Figueroa-Morales, A Rivera, R Soto, A Lindner, E Altshuler, É Clément
Science Advances 6 (11), eaay0155, 2020
Mechanical shear controls bacterial penetration in mucus
N Figueroa-Morales, L Dominguez-Rubio, TL Ott, IS Aranson
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-10, 2019
Stochastic approximation to the T cell mediated specific response of the immune system
N Figueroa-Morales, K León, R Mulet
Journal of theoretical biology 295, 37-46, 2012
Active bacterial suspensions: from microhydrodynamics to transport properties in microfluidic channels
N Figueroa Morales
Paris 6, 2016
On the role of intrinsic noise on the response of the p53-Mdm2 module
L Cruz-Rodríguez, N Figueroa-Morales, R Mulet
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2015 (9), P09015, 2015
Controlling topological defects in Living Liquid Crystals
N Figueroa-Morales, A Sokolov, MM Genkin, IS Aranson
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2019
Swimming bacteria in a Poiseuille flow: the quest for active Betherton-Jeffery trajectories
G Junot, T Darnige, N Figueroa Morales, A Lindner, H Auradou, ...
APS 2019, V61. 001, 2019
Oscillatory dynamics of swimming E coli bacteria at walls in Poiseuille flow
A Zöttl, A Mathijssen, N Figueroa Morales, G Junot, E Clément, A Lindner
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 63, 2018
Motion reversal in Living Liquid Crystals
N Figueroa Morales, I Aronson
APS 2018, Y48. 001, 2018
Large behavioral variability of motile E. coli revealed in 3D spatial exploration
N Figueroa-Morales, T Darnige, V Martinez, C Douarche, R Soto, ...
APS, L5. 011, 2017
Heavy tailed bacterial motor switching statistics define macroscopic transport properties during upstream contamination by E. coli
N Figueroa-Morales, A Rivera, E Altshuler, T Darnige, C Douarche, ...
APS 2017, P16. 004, 2017
Living on the edge: transfer and traffic of\textit {E. coli} in a confined flow
N Figueroa-Morales, A Rivera, R Caballero, E Altshuler, A Lindner
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 60, 2015
A Hydrodynamic Model for Blood Penetration in Central Venous Catheters
O Sotolongo-Costa, N Figueroa-Morales, M Arias-Zugasti, ...
V Latin American Congress on Biomedical Engineering CLAIB 2011 May 16-21 …, 2013
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