Mehrdad Irannejad
Mehrdad Irannejad
Thin Film Manager at OZ Optics, Ottawa,ON & Adjunct Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronics
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Femtosecond laser written optical waveguide amplifier in phospho-tellurite glass
TT Fernandez, SM Eaton, G Della Valle, RM Vazquez, M Irannejad, ...
Optics Express 18 (19), 20289-20297, 2010
Bowtie Nanoantenna with Single-Digit Nanometer Gap for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS)
J Zhang, M Irannejad, B Cui
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Higher Performance Metal-Insulator-Metal Diodes using Multiple Insulator Layers
F Aydinoglu, M Alhazmi, B Cui, OM Ramahi, M Irannejad, A Brzezinski, ...
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Gold nanohole array with sub-1 nm roughness by annealing for sensitivity enhancement of extraordinary optical transmission biosensor
J Zhang, M Irannejad, M Yavuz, B Cui
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A Short Review on the Role of the Metal-Graphene Hybrid Nanostructure in Promoting the Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Performance
R Alharbi, M Irannejad, M Yavuz
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Effects of Refractive Index Variations on the Optical Transmittance Spectral Properties of the Nano-Hole Arrays
M Irannejad, B Cui
Plasmonics 8, 1245-1251, 2013
A Novel Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Method for the Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide Gels and Thin Films with Tunable Properties
KH Ibrahim, M Irannejad, M Hajialamdari, A Ramadhan, KP Musselman, ...
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Gold-Graphene Core-Shell Nanostructure Surface Plasmon Sensors
R Alharbi, M Irannejad, M Yavuz
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High-responsivity reduced graphene oxide gel photodetectors for visible-light detection with a large detection area and an end-contact interface
D Alsaedi, M Irannejad, KH Ibrahim, A Almutairi, O Ramahi, M Yavuz
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5, 882-888, 2017
Active glass waveguide amplifier on GaAs by UV-pulsed laser deposition and femtosecond laser inscription
M Irannejad, M Pasha, G Jose, P Steenson, TT Fernandez, A Jha, Q Jiang, ...
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Z Zhao, G Jose, TT Fernandez, TP Comyn, M Irannejad, P Steenson, ...
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Comparison of the Effects of Varying of Metal Electrode in Metal-Insulator-Metal Diodes with multi-dielectric layers
M Alhazmi, F Aydinoglu, B Cui, OM Ramahi, M Irannejad, A Brzezinski, ...
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Erbium-Ion-Doped Tellurite Glass Fibers and Waveguides—Devices and Future Prospective: Part II
M Irannejad, P Joshi, Z Zhao, T Fernandez, B Richards, G Jose, A Jha, ...
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Au-Graphene Hybrid Plasmonic Nanostructure Sensor Based on Intensity Shift
R Alharbi, M Irannejad, M Yavuz
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B/N co-doped graphene oxide gel with extremely-high mobility and ION/IOFF for large-area field effect transistors
I Novodchuk, M Kayaharman, K Ibrahim, S Al-Tuairqi, M Irannejad, ...
Carbon 158, 624-630, 2020
Simultaneous Fabrication and Functionalization of Nanoparticles of 2D Materials with Hybrid Optical Properties
KH Ibrahim, M Irannejad, B Wales, J Sanderson, M Yavuz, KP Musselman
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Finite difference time domain study of light transmission through multihole nanostructures in metallic film
M Irannejad, M Yavuz, B Cui
Photonics Research 1 (4), 154-159, 2013
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