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Ryoko Oono
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Sequence-based classification and identification of Fungi
D Hibbett, K Abarenkov, U Kõljalg, M Öpik, B Chai, J Cole, Q Wang, ...
Mycologia 108 (6), 1049-1068, 2016
Failure to fix nitrogen by non-reproductive symbiotic rhizobia triggers host sanctions that reduce fitness of their reproductive clonemates
R Oono, CG Anderson, RF Denison
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 278 (1718), 2698-2703, 2011
Comparing symbiotic efficiency between swollen versus nonswollen rhizobial bacteroids
R Oono, RF Denison
Plant physiology 154 (3), 1541-1548, 2010
Multiple evolutionary origins of legume traits leading to extreme rhizobial differentiation
R Oono, I Schmitt, JI Sprent, RF Denison
New Phytologist 187 (2), 508-520, 2010
Controlling the reproductive fate of rhizobia: how universal are legume sanctions?
R Oono, RF Denison, ET Kiers
New Phytologist 183 (4), 967-979, 2009
A comparison of the community diversity of foliar fungal endophytes between seedling and adult loblolly pines (Pinus taeda)
R Oono, E Lefèvre, A Simha, F Lutzoni
Fungal biology 119 (10), 917-928, 2015
Genetic variation in horizontally transmitted fungal endophytes of pine needles reveals population structure in cryptic species
R Oono, F Lutzoni, AE Arnold, L Kaye, JM U’Ren, G May, I Carbone
American Journal of Botany 101 (8), 1362-1374, 2014
The lichen symbiosis re-viewed through the genomes of Cladonia grayi and its algal partner Asterochloris glomerata
D Armaleo, O Müller, F Lutzoni, ÓS Andrésson, G Blanc, HB Bode, ...
BMC genomics 20 (1), 1-33, 2019
Distance decay relationships in foliar fungal endophytes are driven by rare taxa
R Oono, A Rasmussen, E Lefèvre
Environmental Microbiology 19 (7), 2794-2805, 2017
Nutritional dimorphism in New Guinea dioecious figs
GD Weiblen, SB Lomascolo, R Oono, ER Dumont
Biotropica 42 (6), 656-663, 2010
Two new endophytic Atractiellomycetes, Atractidochium hillariae and Proceropycnis hameedii
MC Aime, H Urbina, JA Liber, G Bonito, R Oono
Mycologia 110 (1), 136-146, 2018
Double‐digest RADseq loci using standard Illumina indexes improve deep and shallow phylogenetic resolution of Lophodermium, a widespread fungal endophyte …
R Salas‐Lizana, R Oono
Ecology and evolution 8 (13), 6638-6651, 2018
A confidence interval analysis of sampling effort, sequencing depth, and taxonomic resolution of fungal community ecology in the era of high-throughput sequencing
R Oono
PloS one 12 (12), e0189796, 2017
Dimensions of host specificity in foliar fungal endophytes
A Apigo, R Oono
Endophytes of forest trees, 15-42, 2018
How do less‐expensive nitrogen alternatives affect legume sanctions on rhizobia?
R Oono, KE Muller, R Ho, A Jimenez Salinas, RF Denison
Ecology and evolution 10 (19), 10645-10656, 2020
A comparative analysis of Lophodermium fissuratum, sp. nov., found in haploxylon pine needles in the Pacific Northwest, and other Lophodermium endophytes
R Salas-Lizana, R Oono
Mycologia 110 (5), 797-810, 2018
Species diversity of fungal endophytes across a stress gradient for plants
R Oono, D Black, E Slessarev, B Sickler, A Strom, A Apigo
New Phytologist 228 (1), 210-225, 2020
Mechanisms of severe dieback and mortality in a classically drought‐tolerant shrubland species (Arctostaphylos glauca)
L Drake‐Schultheis, R Oono, CM D’Antonio
American Journal of Botany 107 (8), 1136-1147, 2020
First report of Neofusicoccum australe causing canker disease and branch dieback on Arctostaphylos glauca in California
LD Schultheis, R Oono, CM D'Antonio
Plant Disease 103 (1), 158-158, 2019
Host sanctions in a changing world: How supply and demand affects the evolutionary stability of the legume-rhizobia symbiosis
R Oono
2017 ESA Annual Meeting (August 6--11), 2017
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