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A new model for an etiology of rheumatoid arthritis: smoking may trigger HLA–DR (shared epitope)–restricted immune reactions to autoantigens modified by citrullination
L Klareskog, P Stolt, K Lundberg, H Källberg, C Bengtsson, J Grunewald, ...
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Calculating measures of biological interaction
T Andersson, L Alfredsson, H Källberg, S Zdravkovic, A Ahlbom
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Gene-gene and gene-environment interactions involving HLA-DRB1, PTPN22, and smoking in two subsets of rheumatoid arthritis
H Källberg, L Padyukov, RM Plenge, J Rönnelid, PK Gregersen, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 80 (5), 867-875, 2007
Bayesian inference analyses of the polygenic architecture of rheumatoid arthritis
EA Stahl, D Wegmann, G Trynka, J Gutierrez-Achury, R Do, BF Voight, ...
Nature genetics 44 (5), 483-489, 2012
Rituximab inhibits structural joint damage in patients with rheumatoid arthritis with an inadequate response to tumour necrosis factor inhibitor therapies
E Keystone, P Emery, CG Peterfy, PP Tak, S Cohen, MC Genovese, ...
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Specific interaction between genotype, smoking and autoimmunity to citrullinated α-enolase in the etiology of rheumatoid arthritis
H Mahdi, BA Fisher, H Källberg, D Plant, V Malmström, J Rönnelid, ...
Nature genetics 41 (12), 1319-1324, 2009
Smoking is a major preventable risk factor for rheumatoid arthritis: estimations of risks after various exposures to cigarette smoke
H Källberg, B Ding, L Padyukov, C Bengtsson, J Rönnelid, L Klareskog, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 70 (3), 508-511, 2011
Alcohol consumption is associated with decreased risk of rheumatoid arthritis: results from two Scandinavian case–control studies
H Källberg, S Jacobsen, C Bengtsson, M Pedersen, L Padyukov, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 68 (2), 222-227, 2009
Impact of concomitant use of DMARDs on the persistence with anti-TNF therapies in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: results from the British Society for Rheumatology …
MM Soliman, DM Ashcroft, KD Watson, M Lunt, DPM Symmons, KL Hyrich
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 70 (4), 583-589, 2011
Silica exposure is associated with increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis: results from the Swedish EIRA study
P Stolt, H Källberg, I Lundberg, B Sjögren, L Klareskog, L Alfredsson
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 64 (4), 582-586, 2005
Genetic and environmental determinants for disease risk in subsets of rheumatoid arthritis defined by the anticitrullinated protein/peptide antibody fine specificity profile
K Lundberg, C Bengtsson, N Kharlamova, E Reed, X Jiang, H Kallberg, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 72 (5), 652-658, 2013
Gene–environment interaction between the DRB1 shared epitope and smoking in the risk of anti–citrullinated protein antibody–positive rheumatoid arthritis: all alleles are important
E Lundström, H Källberg, L Alfredsson, L Klareskog, L Padyukov
Arthritis & Rheumatism: Official Journal of the American College of …, 2009
Fine mapping seronegative and seropositive rheumatoid arthritis to shared and distinct HLA alleles by adjusting for the effects of heterogeneity
B Han, D Diogo, S Eyre, H Kallberg, A Zhernakova, J Bowes, L Padyukov, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 94 (4), 522-532, 2014
Familial risks and heritability of rheumatoid arthritis: role of rheumatoid factor/anti–citrullinated protein antibody status, number and type of affected relatives, sex, and age
T Frisell, M Holmqvist, H Källberg, L Klareskog, L Alfredsson, J Askling
Arthritis & Rheumatism 65 (11), 2773-2782, 2013
Overweight decreases the chance of achieving good response and low disease activity in early rheumatoid arthritis
MEC Sandberg, C Bengtsson, H Källberg, A Wesley, L Klareskog, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 73 (11), 2029-2033, 2014
Silica exposure among male current smokers is associated with a high risk of developing ACPA-positive rheumatoid arthritis
P Stolt, A Yahya, C Bengtsson, H Källberg, J Rönnelid, I Lundberg, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 69 (6), 1072-1076, 2010
Anti-CarP antibodies in two large cohorts of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and their relationship to genetic risk factors, cigarette smoking and other autoantibodies
X Jiang, LA Trouw, TJ van Wesemael, J Shi, C Bengtsson, H Källberg, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 73 (10), 1761-1768, 2014
Continued inhibition of structural damage over 2 years in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with rituximab in combination with methotrexate
SB Cohen, E Keystone, MC Genovese, P Emery, C Peterfy, PP Tak, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 69 (6), 1158-1161, 2010
Association between occupational exposure to mineral oil and rheumatoid arthritis: results from the Swedish EIRA case–control study
B Sverdrup, H Källberg, C Bengtsson, I Lundberg, L Padyukov, ...
Arthritis research & therapy 7 (6), R1296, 2005
Adalimumab in patients with hand osteoarthritis refractory to analgesics and NSAIDs: a randomised, multicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
X Chevalier, P Ravaud, E Maheu, G Baron, A Rialland, P Vergnaud, ...
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 74 (9), 1697-1705, 2015
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