Jared Gregory Ali
Jared Gregory Ali
Assistant Professor of Entomology, Pennsylvania State University
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Specialist versus generalist insect herbivores and plant defense
JG Ali, AA Agrawal
Trends in plant science 17 (5), 293-302, 2012
Induced release of a plant-defense volatile ‘deceptively’attracts insect vectors to plants infected with a bacterial pathogen
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Subterranean herbivore-induced volatiles released by citrus roots upon feeding by Diaprepes abbreviatus recruit entomopathogenic nematodes
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Constitutive and induced subterranean plant volatiles attract both entomopathogenic and plant parasitic nematodes
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JG Ali, AA Agrawal
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Sending mixed messages: a trophic cascade produced by a belowground herbivore-induced cue
JG Ali, R Campos-Herrera, HT Alborn, LW Duncan, LL Stelinski
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Choosy mothers pick challenging plants: maternal preference and larval performance of a specialist herbivore are not linked
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Airborne signals synchronize the defenses of neighboring plants in response to touch
D Markovic, I Colzi, C Taiti, S Ray, R Scalone, J Gregory Ali, S Mancuso, ...
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JF Brodt, DW Tallamy, J Ali
Ethology 112 (3), 300-306, 2006
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