Tatjana Hildebrandt
Tatjana Hildebrandt
Plant Genetics, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
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Amino acid catabolism in plants
TM Hildebrandt, AN Nesi, WL Araújo, HP Braun
Molecular plant 8 (11), 1563-1579, 2015
Three enzymatic activities catalyze the oxidation of sulfide to thiosulfate in mammalian and invertebrate mitochondria
TM Hildebrandt, MK Grieshaber
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Loss of ETHE1, a mitochondrial dioxygenase, causes fatal sulfide toxicity in ethylmalonic encephalopathy
V Tiranti, C Viscomi, T Hildebrandt, I Di Meo, R Mineri, C Tiveron, ...
Nature medicine 15 (2), 200-205, 2009
Analysis of cytosolic and plastidic serine acetyltransferase mutants and subcellular metabolite distributions suggests interplay of the cellular compartments for cysteine …
S Krueger, A Niehl, MC Lopez Martin, D Steinhauser, A Donath, ...
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Combined treatment with oral metronidazole and N-acetylcysteine is effective in ethylmalonic encephalopathy
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The mitochondrial complexome of Arabidopsis thaliana
J Senkler, M Senkler, H Eubel, T Hildebrandt, C Lengwenus, P Schertl, ...
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Synthesis versus degradation: directions of amino acid metabolism during Arabidopsis abiotic stress response
TM Hildebrandt
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The role of amino acid metabolism during abiotic stress release
W Batista‐Silva, B Heinemann, N Rugen, A Nunes‐Nesi, WL Araújo, ...
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Quantitative multilevel analysis of central metabolism in developing oilseeds of oilseed rape during in vitro culture
J Schwender, I Hebbelmann, N Heinzel, T Hildebrandt, A Rogers, D Naik, ...
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Single organelle function and organization as estimated from Arabidopsis mitochondrial proteomics
P Fuchs, N Rugen, C Carrie, M Elsässer, I Finkemeier, J Giese, ...
The Plant Journal 101 (2), 420-441, 2020
RNA PROCESSING FACTOR3 Is Crucial for the Accumulation of Mature ccmC Transcripts in Mitochondria of Arabidopsis Accession Columbia    
C Jonietz, J Forner, T Hildebrandt, S Binder
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Sodium thiosulfate pharmacokinetics in hemodialysis patients and healthy volunteers
S Farese, E Stauffer, R Kalicki, T Hildebrandt, BM Frey, FJ Frey, ...
Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology 6 (6), 1447-1455, 2011
The mitochondrial sulfur dioxygenase ETHYLMALONIC ENCEPHALOPATHY PROTEIN1 is required for amino acid catabolism during carbohydrate starvation and embryo development in Arabidopsis
L Krüßel, J Junemann, M Wirtz, H Birke, JD Thornton, LW Browning, ...
Plant physiology 165 (1), 92-104, 2014
CoQ deficiency causes disruption of mitochondrial sulfide oxidation, a new pathomechanism associated with this syndrome
M Luna‐Sánchez, A Hidalgo‐Gutiérrez, TM Hildebrandt, ...
EMBO molecular medicine 9 (1), 78-95, 2017
Lack of cytochrome c in Arabidopsis decreases stability of Complex IV and modifies redox metabolism without affecting Complexes I and III
E Welchen, TM Hildebrandt, D Lewejohann, DH Gonzalez, HP Braun
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1817 (7), 990-1001, 2012
Redox regulation of mitochondrial sulfide oxidation in the lugworm, Arenicola marina
TM Hildebrandt, MK Grieshaber
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Modulation of sulfide oxidation and toxicity in rat mitochondria by dehydroascorbic acid
TM Hildebrandt
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1807 (9), 1206-1213, 2011
Proteome adaptations in Ethe1-deficient mice indicate a role in lipid catabolism and cytoskeleton organization via post-translational protein modifications
TM Hildebrandt, I Di Meo, M Zeviani, C Viscomi, HP Braun
Bioscience reports 33 (4), e00052, 2013
Dealing with the sulfur part of cysteine: four enzymatic steps degrade l‐cysteine to pyruvate and thiosulfate in Arabidopsis mitochondria
S Höfler, C Lorenz, T Busch, M Brinkkötter, T Tohge, AR Fernie, HP Braun, ...
Physiologia plantarum 157 (3), 352-366, 2016
Differential impact of amino acids on OXPHOS system activity following carbohydrate starvation in Arabidopsis cell suspensions
JHF Cavalcanti, CGS Quinhones, P Schertl, DS Brito, H Eubel, ...
Physiologia plantarum 161 (4), 451-467, 2017
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