Amy Zanne
Amy Zanne
Associate Professor, George Washington University
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Towards a worldwide wood economics spectrum
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TRY–a global database of plant traits
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Three keys to the radiation of angiosperms into freezing environments
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Functional traits and the growth–mortality trade‐off in tropical trees
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Global wood density database
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Global patterns in plant height
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Global vessel anatomy database (Identifier number:
DAC Zanne, A. E., M. Westoby, D. S. Falster, D. D
Dryad, 2009
Global meta‐analysis of wood decomposition rates: a role for trait variation among tree species?
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A long-term evaluation of fruiting phenology: importance of climate change
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Plant traits and wood fates across the globe: rotted, burned, or consumed?
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Fruit and flower phenology at two sites in Kibale National Park, Uganda
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Taller plants have lower rates of molecular evolution
R Lanfear, SYW Ho, TJ Davies, AT Moles, L Aarssen, NG Swenson, ...
Nature Communications 4, 1879, 2013
Patterns and consequences of differential vascular sectoriality in 18 temperate tree and shrub species
AE Zanne, K Sweeney, M Sharma, CM Orians
Functional Ecology 20 (2), 200-206, 2006
Potential causes of arrested succession in Kibale National Park, Uganda: growth and mortality of seedlings
CA Chapman, LJ Chapman, L Kaufman, AE Zanne
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Functional distinctiveness of major plant lineages
WK Cornwell, M Westoby, DS Falster, RG FitzJohn, BC O'Meara, ...
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Fragmentation and Alteration of Seed Dispersal Processes: An Initial Evaluation of Dung Beetles, Seed Fate, and Seedling Diversity1
CA Chapman, LJ Chapman, K Vulinec, A Zanne, MJ Lawes
Biotropica 35 (3), 382-393, 2003
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