Andre Wust Zibetti
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Solvent extraction and purification of rosmarinic acid from supercritical fluid extraction fractionation waste: economic evaluation and scale-up
AW Zibetti, A Aydi, MA Livia, A Bolzan, D Barth
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 83, 133-145, 2013
Supercritical extraction from Citrus aurantium amara peels using CO2 with ethanol as co-solvent
D Trabelsi, A Aydi, AW Zibetti, G Della Porta, M Scognamiglio, V Cricchio, ...
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 117, 33-39, 2016
Enhancement of biofuels production by means of co-pyrolysis of Posidonia oceanica (L.) and frying oil wastes: Experimental study and process modeling
K Zaafouri, ABH Trabelsi, S Krichah, A Ouerghi, A Aydi, CA Claumann, ...
Bioresource technology 207, 387-398, 2016
Relationship between Instrumental and Sensory Texture Profile of Bread Loaves Made with Whole‐Wheat Flour and Fat Replacer
PM Scheuer, MD Luccio, AW Zibetti, MZ de Miranda, A de Francisco
Journal of Texture Studies 47 (1), 14-23, 2016
Incorporation of β-glucans in meat emulsions through an optimal mixture modeling systems
SMV Mejia, A de Francisco, PLM Barreto, C Damian, AW Zibetti, ...
Meat science 143, 210-218, 2018
Effect of extrusion temperature and screw speed on properties of oat and rice flour extrudates
R Sandrin, T Caon, AW Zibetti, A de Francisco
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 98 (9), 3427-3436, 2018
Correlation of solubility and prediction of the mixing properties of rosmarinic acid in different pure solvents and in binary solvent mixtures of ethanol+ water and methanol+ …
AW Zibetti, A Aydi, CA Claumann, A Eladeb, M Adberraba
Journal of Molecular Liquids 216, 370-376, 2016
Fast and accurate numerical method for predicting gas chromatography retention time
CA Claumann, AW Zibetti, A Bolzan, RAF Machado, LT Pinto
Journal of Chromatography A 1406, 258-265, 2015
Correlation and semi-empirical modeling of solubility of gallic acid in different pure solvents and in binary solvent mixtures of propan-1-ol+ water, propan-2-ol+ water and …
I Dali, A Aydi, CC Alberto, ZA Wüst, A Manef
Journal of Molecular Liquids 222, 503-519, 2016
Differential scanning calorimetry data and solubility of rosmarinic acid in different pure solvents and in binary mixtures (methyl acetate+ water) and (ethyl acetate+ water …
A Aydi, CA Claumann, A Wüst Zibetti, M Abderrabba
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 61 (11), 3718-3723, 2016
Fitting semi‐empirical drying models using a tool based on wavelet neural networks: Modeling a maize drying process
CA Claumann, A Cancelier, A da Silva, AW Zibetti, TJ Lopes, ...
Journal of Food Process Engineering 41 (1), e12633, 2018
Supercritical fluid extraction of Drimys angustifolia Miers: Experimental data and identification of the dynamic behavior of extraction curves using neural networks based on …
DG Citadin, CA Claumann, AW Zibetti, A Marangoni, A Bolzan, ...
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 112, 81-88, 2016
dETECT: A Model for the Evaluation of Instructional Units for Teaching Computing in Middle School.
CG Von Wangenheim, G Petri, AW Zibertti, AF Borgatto, JCR Hauck, ...
Informatics in Education 16 (2), 301-318, 2017
Robust estimation of thermodynamic parameters (ΔH, ΔS and ΔCp) for prediction of retention time in gas chromatography – Part II (Application)
LTP Carlos Alberto Claumann, André Wüst Zibetti, Ariovaldo Bolzan, Ricardo A ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1425 (18), 258, 2015
Response surface methodology assessment of the effect of whole wheat flour and fat replacer levels on bread quality.
PM Scheuer, B Mattioni, IR Santos, M Di Luccio, AW Zibetti, ...
Embrapa Trigo-Artigo em periódico indexado (ALICE), 2016
Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Extracted Oil from Pistacia lentiscus L.: Mathematical Modeling, Economic Evaluation and Scale-Up
A Aydi, AW Zibetti, AZ Al-Khazaal, A Eladeb, M Adberraba, D Barth
Molecules 25 (1), 199, 2020
Essential oil components of Citrus cultivar‘MALTAISE DEMI SANGUINE’ (Citrus sinensis) as affected by the effects of rootstocks and viroid infection
G Zouaghi, A Najar, A Aydi, CA Claumann, AW Zibetti, K Ben Mahmoud, ...
International Journal of Food Properties 22 (1), 438-448, 2019
Desenvolvimento de um processo de separação de compostos bioativos de Rosmarinus officinalis
AW Zibetti
Physicochemical comparison of commercial vs. extracted β-glucans and structural characterization after enzymatic purification
Vitae 25 (1), 26-36, 2018
Supercritical CO2 extraction from “Myrtus communis L.” growing in Tunisia
A Abdelkarim, M Jamel, WZ Andre, A Manef, D Barth
Int. J. Sci. Nat. 5, 598-602, 2014
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