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Annette B.G. Janssen
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Alternative stable states in large shallow lakes?
ABG Janssen, S Teurlincx, S An, JH Janse, HW Paerl, WM Mooij
Journal of Great Lakes Research 40 (4), 813-826, 2014
Coupled human and natural system dynamics as key to the sustainability of Lake Victoria's ecosystem services
Ecol Soc 19 (4), 2014
Exploring, exploiting and evolving diversity of aquatic ecosystem models: a community perspective
ABG Janssen, GB Arhonditsis, A Beusen, K Bolding, L Bruce, ...
Aquatic ecology 49 (4), 513-548, 2015
Evaluating early-warning indicators of critical transitions in natural aquatic ecosystems
AS Gsell, U Scharfenberger, D Özkundakci, A Walters, LA Hansson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (50), E8089-E8095, 2016
Spatial identification of critical nutrient loads of large shallow lakes: Implications for Lake Taihu (China)
ABG Janssen, VCL de Jager, JH Janse, X Kong, S Liu, Q Ye, WM Mooij
Water research 119, 276-287, 2017
Hydrological regulation drives regime shifts: evidence from paleolimnology and ecosystem modeling of a large shallow Chinese lake
X Kong, Q He, B Yang, W He, F Xu, ABG Janssen, JJ Kuiper, ...
Global change biology 23 (2), 737-754, 2017
Mowing submerged macrophytes in shallow lakes with alternative stable states: battling the good guys?
JJ Kuiper, MJJM Verhofstad, ELM Louwers, ES Bakker, RJ Brederveld, ...
Environmental management 59 (4), 619-634, 2017
Serving many at once: how a database approach can create unity in dynamical ecosystem modelling
WM Mooij, RJ Brederveld, JJM de Klein, DL DeAngelis, AS Downing, ...
Environmental modelling & software 61, 266-273, 2014
How models can support ecosystem-based management of coral reefs
M Weijerman, EA Fulton, ABG Janssen, JJ Kuiper, R Leemans, ...
Progress in Oceanography 138, 559-570, 2015
Response of submerged macrophyte communities to external and internal restoration measures in north temperate shallow lakes
S Hilt, A Nuñez, M Marta, ES Bakker, I Blindow, TA Davidson, M Gillefalk, ...
Frontiers in plant science 9, 194, 2018
FABM-PCLake–linking aquatic ecology with hydrodynamics
F Hu, K Bolding, J Bruggeman, E Jeppesen, MR Flindt, L Van Gerven, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 9 (6), 2271-2278, 2016
Advantages of concurrent use of multiple software frameworks in water quality modelling using a database approach
L Van Gerven, RJ Brederveld, JJM de Klein, DL DeAngelis, AS Downing, ...
Fundamental and Applied Limnology/Archiv für Hydrobiologie 186 (1-2), 5-20, 2015
How to model algal blooms in any lake on earth
ABG Janssen, JH Janse, AHW Beusen, M Chang, JA Harrison, I Huttunen, ...
Current opinion in environmental sustainability 36, 1-10, 2019
Modeling nutrients in Lake Dianchi (China) and its watershed
X Li, ABG Janssen, JJM de Klein, C Kroeze, M Strokal, L Ma, Y Zheng
Agricultural water management 212, 48-59, 2019
Ecological instability in lakes: A predictable condition?
BM Spears, L Carvalho, MN Futter, L May, SJ Thackeray, R Adrian, ...
Environmental science & technology 50 (7), 3285-3286, 2016
Towards a global model for wetlands ecosystem services
JH Janse, AA van Dam, EMA Hes, JJM de Klein, CM Finlayson, ...
Current opinion in environmental sustainability 36, 11-19, 2019
Ecological resilience in lakes and the conjunction fallacy
BM Spears, MN Futter, E Jeppesen, BJ Huser, S Ives, TA Davidson, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 1 (11), 1616-1624, 2017
Modeling water quality in the Anthropocene: directions for the next-generation aquatic ecosystem models
WM Mooij, D van Wijk, AHW Beusen, RJ Brederveld, M Chang, ...
Current opinion in environmental sustainability 36, 85-95, 2019
Excess nutrient loads to Lake Taihu: Opportunities for nutrient reduction
M Wang, M Strokal, P Burek, C Kroeze, L Ma, ABG Janssen
Science of the Total Environment 664, 865-873, 2019
Towards restoring urban waters: understanding the main pressures
S Teurlincx, JJ Kuiper, ECM Hoevenaar, M Lurling, RJ Brederveld, ...
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 36, 49-58, 2019
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