Jose M.M. Caaveiro
Jose M.M. Caaveiro
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyushu University
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Structural basis for self-assembly of a cytolytic pore lined by protein and lipid
K Tanaka, JMM Caaveiro, K Morante, JM González-Mañas, K Tsumoto
Nature communications 6, 6337, 2015
Lipid phase coexistence favors membrane insertion of equinatoxin-II, a pore-forming toxin from Actinia equina
A Barlič, I Gutiérrez-Aguirre, JMM Caaveiro, A Cruz, MB Ruiz-Argüello, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (33), 34209-34216, 2004
Testing geometrical discrimination within an enzyme active site: Constrained hydrogen bonding in the ketosteroid isomerase oxyanion hole
PA Sigala, DA Kraut, JMM Caaveiro, B Pybus, EA Ruben, D Ringe, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (41), 13696-13708, 2008
Differential effects of five types of antipathogenic plant peptides on model membranes
JMM Caaveiro, A Molina, JM González-Mañas, P Rodrı́guez-Palenzuela, ...
FEBS letters 410 (2-3), 338-342, 1997
Structural basis for binding of human IgG1 to its high-affinity human receptor FcγRI
M Kiyoshi, JMM Caaveiro, T Kawai, S Tashiro, T Ide, Y Asaoka, ...
Nature communications 6, 6866, 2015
Detection of ligand binding hot spots on protein surfaces via fragment-based methods: application to DJ-1 and glucocerebrosidase
MR Landon, RL Lieberman, QQ Hoang, S Ju, JMM Caaveiro, SD Orwig, ...
Journal of computer-aided molecular design 23 (8), 491-500, 2009
Differential interaction of equinatoxin II with model membranes in response to lipid composition
JMM Caaveiro, I Echabe, I Gutierrez-Aguirre, JL Nieva, JLR Arrondo, ...
Biophysical Journal 80 (3), 1343-1353, 2001
Affinity improvement of a therapeutic antibody by structure-based computational design: generation of electrostatic interactions in the transition state stabilizes the antibody …
M Kiyoshi, JMM Caaveiro, E Miura, S Nagatoishi, M Nakakido, S Soga, ...
PloS one 9 (1), e87099, 2014
Catalytic activity of MsbA reconstituted in nanodisc particles is modulated by remote interactions with the bilayer
T Kawai, JMM Caaveiro, R Abe, T Katagiri, K Tsumoto
FEBS letters 585 (22), 3533-3537, 2011
Molecular basis of recognition of antibacterial porphyrins by heme-transporter IsdH-NEAT3 of Staphylococcus aureus
Y Moriwaki, JMM Caaveiro, Y Tanaka, H Tsutsumi, I Hamachi, K Tsumoto
Biochemistry 50 (34), 7311-7320, 2011
Structural analysis of Fc/FcγR complexes: a blueprint for antibody design
JMM Caaveiro, M Kiyoshi, K Tsumoto
Immunological reviews 268 (1), 201-221, 2015
Mapping ultra-weak protein-protein interactions between heme transporters of Staphylococcus aureus
R Abe, JMM Caaveiro, H Kozuka-Hata, M Oyama, K Tsumoto
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (20), 16477-16487, 2012
A pathway for the thermal destabilization of bacteriorhodopsin
SG Taneva, JM Caaveiro, A Muga, FM Goñi
FEBS letters 367 (3), 297-300, 1995
The atomic structure of the HIV-1 gp41 transmembrane domain and its connection to the immunogenic membrane-proximal external region
B Apellániz, E Rujas, S Serrano, K Morante, K Tsumoto, JMM Caaveiro, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (21), 12999-13015, 2015
Quantitative dissection of hydrogen bond-mediated proton transfer in the ketosteroid isomerase active site
PA Sigala, AT Fafarman, JP Schwans, SD Fried, TD Fenn, JMM Caaveiro, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (28), E2552-E2561, 2013
Selective and reversible modification of kinase cysteines with chlorofluoroacetamides
N Shindo, H Fuchida, M Sato, K Watari, T Shibata, K Kuwata, C Miura, ...
Nature chemical biology 15 (3), 250-258, 2019
Hydrogen bond coupling in the ketosteroid isomerase active site
PA Sigala, JMM Caaveiro, D Ringe, GA Petsko, D Herschlag
Biochemistry 48 (29), 6932-6939, 2009
A pore-forming toxin requires a specific residue for its activity in membranes with particular physicochemical properties
K Morante, JMM Caaveiro, K Tanaka, JM González-Mañas, K Tsumoto
Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (17), 10850-10861, 2015
Interaction of wheat α‐thionin with large unilamellar vesicles
JMM Caaveiro, FM Goñi, JM González‐Mañas, A Molina, ...
Protein science 7 (12), 2567-2577, 1998
Glycosylation of IgG-Fc: a molecular perspective
M Kiyoshi, K Tsumoto, A Ishii-Watabe, JMM Caaveiro
International Immunology 29 (7), 311-317, 2017
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