Bernhard Reinsberg
Bernhard Reinsberg
Lecturer in International Relations, University of Glasgow
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What determines earmarked funding to international development organizations? Evidence from the new multi-bi aid data
VZ Eichenauer, B Reinsberg
The Review of International Organizations 12 (2), 171-197, 2017
The rise of multi-bi aid and the proliferation of trust funds
B Reinsberg, K Michaelowa, VZ Eichenauer
Arvin, M., & Lew, B. (Eds.). Handbook on the Economics of Foreign Aid., 527-554, 2015
Foreign aid responses to political liberalization
B Reinsberg
World Development 75, 46-61, 2015
The Implications of Multi-bi Financing for Multilateral Agencies: The Example of the World Bank
B Reinsberg
Mahn, T., Negre, M., & Klingebiel, S. (Eds.). The fragmentation of aid …, 2016
Which donors, which funds? The choice of multilateral funds by bilateral donors at the World Bank
B Reinsberg, K Michaelowa, S Knack
World Bank Policy Research Paper No. 7441, 2015
Which Donors, Which Funds? Bilateral Donors' Choice of Multilateral Funds at the World Bank
B Reinsberg, K Michaelowa, S Knack
International Organization 71 (4), 767-802, 2017
Trust funds as a lever of influence at international development organizations
B Reinsberg
Global Policy 8, 85-95, 2017
Impact of International Monetary Fund programs on child health
A Daoud, E Nosrati, B Reinsberg, AE Kentikelenis, TH Stubbs, LP King
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (25), 6492-6497, 2017
Multi‐bi Aid in European Development Assistance: The Role of Capacity Constraints and Member State Politics
K Michaelowa, B Reinsberg, C Schneider
Development Policy Review 35 (4), 513-530, 2017
Organizational reform and the rise of trust funds: Lessons from the World Bank
B Reinsberg
The Review of International Organizations 12 (2), 199-226, 2017
Multi-bi aid: Tracking the evolution of earmarked funding to international development organizations from 1990 to 2012
VZ Eichenauer, B Reinsberg
Codebook. Zurich: CIS Working Paper, 2014
The world system and the hollowing-out of state capacity: How structural adjustment programs affect bureaucratic quality in developing countries
B Reinsberg, A Kentikelenis, T Stubbs, L King
American Journal of Sociology 124 (4), 1222-1257, 2018
When international organizations delegate: The politics of earmarking European Union aid to multilateral aid institutions
K Michaelowa, B Reinsberg, C Schneider
ECPR General Conference, Glasgow, September, 3-6, 2014
How to evaluate the effects of IMF conditionality: An extension of quantitative approaches and an empirical application to public education spending
T Stubbs, B Reinsberg, A Kentikelenis, L King
Review of International Organizations,, 2018
Multi-bi Aid: Tracking the Evolution of Earmarked Funding to International Development Organizations from 1990 to 2012: Codebook
V Eichenauer, B Reinsberg
Center for Comparative and International Studies (ETH Zurich and University …, 2014
Analysis of the German trust fund portfolio at the World Bank and guidance on reforms
S Herrmann, C Kükenshöner, B Reinsberg, Y Tesfaye
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, 2014
Sovereign wealth-no fund: The decisive role of domestic veto players
B Reinsberg
PIPE-Papers on International Political Economy, Arbeitsstelle Internationale …, 2009
Structural adjustment, state capacity and child health: evidence from IMF programmes
A Daoud, B Reinsberg
International Journal of Epidemiology,, 2018
The politics of double-delegation in the European Union
K Michaelowa, B Reinsberg, C Schneider
International Studies Quarterly,, 2018
Small donors in world politics: The role of trust funds in the foreign aid policies of Central and Eastern European donors
B Szent-Iványi, B Reinsberg, S Lightfoot
The European Journal of Development Research, 1-21, 2018
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