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Studies on Thermoelectric Properties of n‐type Polycrystalline SnSe1‐xSx by Iodine Doping
Q Zhang, EK Chere, J Sun, F Cao, K Dahal, S Chen, G Chen, Z Ren
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (12), 1500360, 2015
Studies on thermoelectric figure of merit of Na-doped p-type polycrystalline SnSe
EK Chere, Q Zhang, K Dahal, F Cao, J Mao, Z Ren
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (5), 1848-1854, 2016
Hierarchical CoP/Ni 5 P 4/CoP microsheet arrays as a robust pH-universal electrocatalyst for efficient hydrogen generation
IK Mishra, H Zhou, J Sun, F Qin, K Dahal, J Bao, S Chen, Z Ren
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (8), 2246-2252, 2018
NbFeSb-based p-type half-Heuslers for power generation applications
G Joshi, R He, M Engber, G Samsonidze, T Pantha, E Dahal, K Dahal, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (12), 4070-4076, 2014
Deep defect level engineering: a strategy of optimizing the carrier concentration for high thermoelectric performance
Q Zhang, Q Song, X Wang, J Sun, Q Zhu, K Dahal, X Lin, F Cao, J Zhou, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (4), 933-940, 2018
High thermoelectric power factor in Cu–Ni alloy originate from potential barrier scattering of twin boundaries
J Mao, Y Wang, HS Kim, Z Liu, U Saparamadu, F Tian, K Dahal, J Sun, ...
Nano Energy 17, 279-289, 2015
Highly efficient hydrogen evolution by self-standing nickel phosphide-based hybrid nanosheet arrays electrocatalyst
IK Mishra, H Zhou, J Sun, K Dahal, Z Ren, R He, S Chen, Z Ren
Materials Today Physics 4, 1-6, 2018
Orientation control of graphene flakes by magnetic field: broad device applications of macroscopically aligned graphene
F Lin, Z Zhu, X Zhou, W Qiu, C Niu, J Hu, K Dahal, Y Wang, Z Zhao, Z Ren, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (1), 1604453, 2017
Thermoelectric performance of Li doped, p-type Mg2 (Ge, Sn) and comparison with Mg2 (Si, Sn)
J de Boor, U Saparamadu, J Mao, K Dahal, E Müller, Z Ren
Acta Materialia 120, 273-280, 2016
A new n-type half-Heusler thermoelectric material NbCoSb
L Huang, R He, S Chen, H Zhang, K Dahal, H Zhou, H Wang, Q Zhang, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 70, 773-778, 2015
High thermoelectric performance of n-type PbTe1− ySy due to deep lying states induced by indium doping and spinodal decomposition
Q Zhang, EK Chere, Y Wang, HS Kim, R He, F Cao, K Dahal, D Broido, ...
Nano Energy 22, 572-582, 2016
Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of n-type half-Heusler compound VCoSb with valence electron count of 19
H Zhang, Y Wang, L Huang, S Chen, H Dahal, D Wang, Z Ren
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 654, 321-326, 2016
Thermoelectric properties of n-type half-Heusler compounds (Hf0. 25Zr0. 75) 1–xNbxNiSn
H Zhang, Y Wang, K Dahal, J Mao, L Huang, Q Zhang, Z Ren
Acta Materialia 113, 41-47, 2016
Effect of triple fillers in thermoelectric performance of p-type skutterudites
T Dahal, Q Jie, W Liu, K Dahal, C Guo, Y Lan, Z Ren
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 623, 104-108, 2015
The effect of charge carrier and doping site on thermoelectric properties of Mg2Sn0. 75Ge0. 25
U Saparamadu, J Mao, K Dahal, H Zhang, F Tian, S Song, W Liu, Z Ren
Acta Materialia 124, 528-535, 2017
Thermoelectric and mechanical properties on misch metal filled p-type skutterudites Mm0.9Fe4−xCoxSb12
T Dahal, S Gahlawat, Q Jie, K Dahal, Y Lan, K White, Z Ren
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (5), 055101, 2015
Transport and mechanical properties of the double-filled p-type skutterudites La0. 68Ce0. 22Fe4− xCoxSb12
T Dahal, HS Kim, S Gahlawat, K Dahal, Q Jie, W Liu, Y Lan, K White, ...
Acta Materialia 117, 13-22, 2016
Thermal conductivity of (VO 2 ) 1-x Cu x composites across the phase transition temperature
Keshab Dahal, Qian Zhang, Ran He, Ishwar Kumar Mishra, and Zhifeng Ren
Journal of Applied Physics 121, 155103, 2017
V–VO 2 core–shell structure for potential thermal switching
K Dahal, Q Zhang, Y Wang, IK Mishra, Z Ren
RSC advances 7 (54), 33775-33781, 2017
Substitution of antimony by tin and tellurium in n-type skutterudites CoSb 2.8 Sn x Te 0.2− x
T Dahal, Y Lan, Q Jie, W Liu, K Dahal, L Tang, C Guo, Z Ren
Jom 66 (11), 2282-2287, 2014
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