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A comparison of bats and rodents as reservoirs of zoonotic viruses: are bats special?
AD Luis, DTS Hayman, TJ O'Shea, PM Cryan, AT Gilbert, JRC Pulliam, ...
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KJ Olival, DTS Hayman
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A framework for the study of zoonotic disease emergence and its drivers: spillover of bat pathogens as a case study
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Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 367 …, 2012
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Long-term survival of an urban fruit bat seropositive for Ebola and Lagos bat viruses
DTS Hayman, P Emmerich, M Yu, LF Wang, R Suu-Ire, AR Fooks, ...
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Behavior of bats at wind turbines
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Uncovering the fruit bat bushmeat commodity chain and the true extent of fruit bat hunting in Ghana, West Africa
AO Kamins, O Restif, Y Ntiamoa-Baidu, R Suu-Ire, DTS Hayman, ...
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Ecology of zoonotic infectious diseases in bats: current knowledge and future directions
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AC Banyard, D Hayman, N Johnson, L McElhinney, AR Fooks
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Deciphering serology to understand the ecology of infectious diseases in wildlife
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Model‐guided fieldwork: practical guidelines for multidisciplinary research on wildlife ecological and epidemiological dynamics
O Restif, DTS Hayman, JRC Pulliam, RK Plowright, DB George, AD Luis, ...
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Continent-wide panmixia of an African fruit bat facilitates transmission of potentially zoonotic viruses
AJ Peel, DR Sargan, KS Baker, DTS Hayman, JA Barr, G Crameri, ...
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Bartonella bacteria in nature: where does population variability end and a species start?
M Kosoy, DTS Hayman, KS Chan
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Biotic impacts of energy development from shale: research priorities and knowledge gaps
S Souther, MW Tingley, VD Popescu, DTS Hayman, ME Ryan, TA Graves, ...
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A universal real-time assay for the detection of Lyssaviruses
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The nexus between forest fragmentation in Africa and Ebola virus disease outbreaks
MC Rulli, M Santini, DTS Hayman, P D’Odorico
Scientific Reports 7, 41613, 2017
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