Alessandro Munafò
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Nonequilibrium shock-heated nitrogen flows using a rovibrational state-to-state method
M Panesi, A Munafò, TE Magin, RL Jaffe
Physical Review E 90 (1), 013009, 2014
Boltzmann rovibrational collisional coarse-grained model for internal energy excitation and dissociation in hypersonic flows
A Munafo, M Panesi, TE Magin
Physical Review E 89 (2), 023001, 2014
QCT-based vibrational collisional models applied to nonequilibrium nozzle flows
A Munafo, M Panesi, RL Jaffe, G Colonna, A Bourdon, TE Magin
The European Physical Journal D 66 (7), 1-11, 2012
Modeling of dissociation and energy transfer in shock-heated nitrogen flows
A Munafò, Y Liu, M Panesi
Physics of Fluids 27 (12), 127101, 2015
Modeling of non-equilibrium phenomena in expanding flows by means of a collisional-radiative model
A Munafo, A Lani, A Bultel, M Panesi
Physics of Plasmas 20 (7), 073501, 2013
Modeling of stagnation-line nonequilibrium flows by means of quantum based collisional models
A Munafò, TE Magin
Physics of Fluids 26 (9), 097102, 2014
A spectral-Lagrangian Boltzmann solver for a multi-energy level gas
A Munafò, JR Haack, IM Gamba, TE Magin
Journal of Computational Physics 264, 152-176, 2014
Nonequilibrium radiation and dissociation of CO molecules in shock-heated flows
RL Macdonald, A Munafò, CO Johnston, M Panesi
Physical Review Fluids 1 (4), 043401, 2016
Multi-Scale models and computational methods for aerothermodynamics
A Munafo
A reduced-order NLTE kinetic model for radiating plasmas of outer envelopes of stellar atmospheres
A Munafò, NN Mansour, M Panesi
The Astrophysical Journal 838 (2), 126, 2017
A tightly coupled non-equilibrium model for inductively coupled radio-frequency plasmas
A Munafò, SA Alfuhaid, JL Cambier, M Panesi
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (13), 133303, 2015
Modeling of laser-induced breakdown phenomena in non-equilibrium plasmas
A Munafò, A Alberti, C Pantano, J Freund, M Panesi
2018 AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 0171, 2018
Development and testing of an ablation model based on plasma wind tunnel experiments
A Turchi, B Helber, A Munafò, TE Magin
11th AIAA/ASME Joint Thermophysics and Heat Transfer Conference, 2125, 2014
Investigation of nonequilibrium effects in axisymmetric nozzle and blunt body nitrogen flows by means of a reduced rovibrational collisional model
A Munafo, M Kapper, JL Cambier, T Magin
50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the New Horizons Forum and …, 2012
Vibrational state to state kinetics in expanding and compressing nitrogen flows
A Munafo', M Panesi, R Jaffe, T Magin, A Lani
10th AIAA/ASME Joint Thermophysics and Heat Transfer Conference, 4335, 2010
FEM simulation of laser-induced plasma breakdown experiments for combustion applications
A Alberti, A Munafò, A Sahai, C Pantano, M Panesi
55th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 1111, 2017
Reduction of State-to-State to macroscopic models for hypersonics
A Bourdon, J Annaloro, A Bultel, M Capitelli, G Colonna, A Guy, TE Magin, ...
The Open Plasma Physics Journal 7 (1), 2014
A computational model for nanosecond pulse laser-plasma interactions
A Munafò, A Alberti, C Pantano, JB Freund, M Panesi
Journal of Computational Physics 406, 109190, 2020
Laser-induced non-equilibrium plasma kernel dynamics
A Alberti, A Munafò, M Koll, M Nishihara, C Pantano, JB Freund, GS Elliott, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 53 (2), 025201, 2019
Reduction of a collisional-radiative mechanism for argon plasma based on principal component analysis
A Bellemans, A Munafo, TE Magin, G Degrez, A Parente
Physics of Plasmas 22 (6), 062108, 2015
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