Anna Siwertsson
Anna Siwertsson
Institute of Marine Research
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Sympatric diversification as influenced by ecological opportunity and historical contingency in a young species lineage of whitefish
A Siwertsson, R Knudsen, K Kahilainen, K Præbel, R Primicerio, ...
Evolutionary Ecology, 2010
Ecological speciation in postglacial E uropean whitefish: rapid adaptive radiations into the littoral, pelagic, and profundal lake habitats
K Præbel, R Knudsen, A Siwertsson, M Karhunen, KK Kahilainen, ...
Ecology and evolution 3 (15), 4970-4986, 2013
The role of gill raker number variability in adaptive radiation of coregonid fish
KK Kahilainen, A Siwertsson, KØ Gjelland, R Knudsen, T Bøhn, ...
Evolutionary Ecology 25 (3), 573-588, 2011
Long‐term responses of zooplankton to invasion by a planktivorous fish in a subarctic watercourse
PERA AMUNDSEN, A Siwertsson, R Primicerio, T Bøhn
Freshwater Biology 54 (1), 24-34, 2009
Parallel and non‐parallel morphological divergence among foraging specialists in European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus)
A Siwertsson, R Knudsen, CE Adams, K Præbel, PA Amundsen
Ecology and evolution 3 (6), 1590-1602, 2013
Temporal stability of niche use exposes sympatric Arctic charr to alternative selection pressures
R Knudsen, A Siwertsson, CE Adams, M Garduño-Paz, J Newton, ...
Evolutionary Ecology 25 (3), 589-604, 2011
Morphological divergence between three Arctic charr morphs–the significance of the deep‐water environment
S Skoglund, A Siwertsson, PA Amundsen, R Knudsen
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Molecular analyses reveal high species diversity of trematodes in a sub-Arctic lake
M Soldánová, S Georgieva, J Roháčová, R Knudsen, JA Kuhn, ...
International Journal for Parasitology 47 (6), 327-345, 2017
Dietary plasticity of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) facilitates coexistence with competitively superior European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus)
AP Eloranta, A Siwertsson, R Knudsen, PA Amundsen
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 20 (4), 558-568, 2011
Discrete foraging niches promote ecological, phenotypic, and genetic divergence in sympatric whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus)
A Siwertsson, R Knudsen, K Præbel, CE Adams, J Newton, PA Amundsen
Evolutionary Ecology 27 (3), 547-564, 2013
Similar patterns of individual niche use are revealed by different time‐integrated trophic tracers (stable isotopes and parasites)
R Knudsen, A Siwertsson, CE Adams, J Newton, PA Amundsen
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 23 (2), 259-268, 2014
Temporal stability in gill raker numbers of subarctic European whitefish populations
A Siwertsson, R Knudsen, PA Amundsen
Adv Limnol 63 (229), 40, 2008
From clear lakes to murky waters–tracing the functional response of high‐latitude lake communities to concurrent ‘greening’and ‘browning’
B Hayden, C Harrod, SM Thomas, AP Eloranta, JP Myllykangas, ...
Ecology letters 22 (5), 807-816, 2019
Parallel evolution of profundal Arctic charr morphs in two contrasting fish communities
R Knudsen, PA Amundsen, AP Eloranta, B Hayden, A Siwertsson, ...
Hydrobiologia 783 (1), 239-248, 2016
Ontogenetic dynamics of infection with Diphyllobothrium spp. cestodes in sympatric Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus (L.) and brown trout Salmo trutta L.
EH Henriksen, R Knudsen, R Kristoffersen, AM Kuris, KD Lafferty, ...
Hydrobiologia 783 (1), 37-46, 2016
A diagnostic tool for efficient analysis of population structure, hybridization and conservation status of European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus (L.)) and vendace (C. albula …
K Præbel, JI Westgaard, PA Amundsen, A Siwertsson, R Knudsen, ...
Advances in Limnology 64, 247-255, 2013
Divergence and parallelism of parasite infections in Arctic charr morphs from deep and shallow lake habitats
A Siwertsson, B Refsnes, A Frainer, PA Amundsen, R Knudsen
Hydrobiologia 783 (1), 131-143, 2016
A specialised cannibalistic Arctic charr morph in the piscivore guild of a subarctic lake
R Knudsen, KØ Gjelland, AP Eloranta, B Hayden, A Siwertsson, ...
Hydrobiologia 783 (1), 65-78, 2016
Allometric trajectories of body and head morphology in three sympatric Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus (L.)) morphs
MK Simonsen, A Siwertsson, CE Adams, PA Amundsen, K Præbel, ...
Ecology and evolution 7 (18), 7277-7289, 2017
Variation in functional trait composition of benthic invertebrates across depths and seasons in a subarctic lake
A Frainer, KMS Johansen, A Siwertsson, SA Mousavi, JE Brittain, ...
E Schweizerbart Science Publishers, 2016
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