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Aurèle Vuillemin
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Geomicrobiological investigations in subsaline maar lake sediments over the last 1500 years
A Vuillemin, D Ariztegui
Quaternary Science Reviews 71, 119-130, 2013
Origin and significance of diagenetic concretions in sediments of Laguna Potrok Aike, southern Argentina
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Archaea dominate oxic subseafloor communities over multimillion-year time scales
A Vuillemin, SD Wankel, ÖK Coskun, T Magritsch, S Vargas, ER Estes, ...
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AS Ortega‐Arbulú, M Pichler, A Vuillemin, WD Orsi
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A Vuillemin, D Ariztegui, F Horn, J Kallmeyer, WD Orsi, ...
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A Vuillemin, D Ariztegui, C Vasconcelos
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Empowering conventional Rock-Eval pyrolysis for organic matter characterization of the siderite-rich sediments of Lake Towuti (Indonesia) using End-Member Analysis
L Ordoñez, H Vogel, D Sebag, D Ariztegui, T Adatte, JM Russell, ...
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Influence of methanogenic populations in Holocene lacustrine sediments revealed by clone libraries and fatty acid biogeochemistry
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WD Orsi, R Morard, A Vuillemin, M Eitel, G Wörheide, J Milucka, M Kucera
The ISME Journal 14, 2580–2594, 2020
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