Gaetano Magnotti
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Local extinction and near-field structure in piloted turbulent CH4/air jet flames with inhomogeneous inlets
RS Barlow, S Meares, G Magnotti, H Cutcher, AR Masri
Combustion and Flame 162 (10), 3516-3540, 2015
Stabilization of piloted turbulent flames with inhomogeneous inlets
S Meares, VN Prasad, G Magnotti, RS Barlow, AR Masri
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (2), 1477-1484, 2015
Raman spectra of methane, ethylene, ethane, dimethyl ether, formaldehyde and propane for combustion applications
G Magnotti, U KC, PL Varghese, RS Barlow
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 163, 80-101, 2015
Intensity-ratio and color-ratio thin-filament pyrometry: Uncertainties and accuracy
B Ma, G Wang, G Magnotti, RS Barlow, MB Long
Combustion and Flame 161 (4), 908-916, 2014
Dual-pump coherent anti-stokes raman spectroscopy measurements in a dual-mode scramjet
AD Cutler, G Magnotti, L Cantu, E Gallo, R Rockwell, C Goyne
Journal of Propulsion and Power 30 (3), 539-549, 2014
Optical diagnostics on the pre-chamber jet and main chamber ignition in the active pre-chamber combustion (PCC)
Q Tang, R Sampath, ME Marquez, P Sharma, P Hlaing, MB Houidi, ...
Combustion and Flame 228, 218-235, 2021
OH PLIF visualization of the UVa supersonic combustion experiment: Configuration A
CT Johansen, CD McRae, PM Danehy, ECA Gallo, LML Cantu, ...
Journal of Visualization 17, 131-141, 2014
Dual-Pump CARS Measurements in the University of Virginia's Dual-Mode Scramjet: Configuration" C"
A Cutler, G Magnotti, L Cantu, E Gallo, P Danehy, R Rockwell, C Goyne, ...
51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the New Horizons Forum and …, 2013
Regime identification from Raman/Rayleigh line measurements in partially premixed flames
S Hartl, D Geyer, A Dreizler, G Magnotti, RS Barlow, C Hasse
Combustion and Flame 189, 126-141, 2018
Interference free spontaneous Raman spectroscopy for measurements in rich hydrocarbon flames
G Magnotti, D Geyer, RS Barlow
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (3), 3765-3772, 2015
Effects of high shear on the structure and thickness of turbulent premixed methane/air flames stabilized on a bluff-body burner
G Magnotti, RS Barlow
Combustion and Flame 162 (1), 100-114, 2015
Preferential transport effects in premixed bluff-body stabilized CH4/H2 flames
RS Barlow, MJ Dunn, G Magnotti
Combustion and Flame 162 (3), 727-735, 2015
Combustion stability study of partially premixed combustion with low-octane fuel at low engine load conditions
Y An, V Raman, Q Tang, H Shi, J Sim, J Chang, G Magnotti, B Johansson
Applied energy 235, 56-67, 2019
Scalar structure of turbulent partially-premixed dimethyl ether/air jet flames
F Fuest, G Magnotti, RS Barlow, JA Sutton
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (2), 1235-1242, 2015
CARS spectral fitting with multiple resonant species using sparse libraries
AD Cutler, G Magnotti
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 42 (11), 1949-1957, 2011
Raman spectroscopy for quantitative measurements of temperature and major species in high-pressure non-premixed NH3/H2/N2 counterflow flames
H Tang, C Yang, G Wang, TF Guiberti, G Magnotti
Combustion and Flame 237, 111840, 2022
On defining progress variable for Raman/Rayleigh experiments in partially-premixed methane flames
RS Barlow, G Magnotti, HC Cutcher, AR Masri
Combustion and Flame 179, 117-129, 2017
Saturation and Stark broadening effects in dual‐pump CARS of N2, O2, and H2
G Magnotti, AD Cutler, GC Herring, SA Tedder, PM Danehy
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 43 (5), 611-620, 2012
Single-shot imaging of major species and OH mole fractions and temperature in non-premixed H2/N2 flames at elevated pressure
TF Guiberti, Y Krishna, WR Boyette, C Yang, WL Roberts, G Magnotti
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 38 (1), 1647-1655, 2021
Combustion stability study of partially premixed combustion by high-pressure multiple injections with low-octane fuel
Y An, Q Tang, R Vallinayagam, H Shi, J Sim, J Chang, G Magnotti, ...
Applied energy 248, 626-639, 2019
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