Jane McDonnell
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Reimagining the role of art in the relationship between democracy and education
J McDonnell
Educational philosophy and theory 46 (1), 46-58, 2014
Pedagogies of agonistic democracy and citizenship education
E Sant, J McDonnell, K Pashby, D Menendez Alvarez-Hevia
Education, Citizenship and Social Justice 16 (3), 227-244, 2021
‘The art of democracy’: young people’s democratic learning in gallery contexts
R Lawy, G Biesta, J McDonnell, H Lawy, H Reeves
British Educational Research Journal 36 (3), 351-365, 2010
Making space for democracy through assessment and feedback in higher education: thoughts from an action research project in education studies
J McDonnell, W Curtis
Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 39 (8), 932-948, 2014
How do you promote ‘British Values’ when values education is your profession? Policy enactment of FBV amongst teachers of Religious Education, Citizenship Education and …
J McDonnell
Cambridge Journal of Education 51 (3), 377-394, 2021
Is it ‘all about having an opinion’? Challenging the Dominance of Rationality and Cognition in Democratic Education via Research in a Gallery Setting
J McDonnell
International Journal of Art & Design Education 37 (2), 233-243, 2018
Political and aesthetic equality in the work of Jacques Rancière: Applying his writing to debates in education and the arts
J Mcdonnell
Journal of Philosophy of Education 51 (2), 387-400, 2017
Learning together and expanding horizons: reflections on a student—lecturer collaborative enquiry
W Curtis, A Goodson, J McDonnell, S Shields, R Wyness
Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences 4 (3), 1-11, 2012
Social Fantasy vs. Radical Democracy: two competing views of populism and how they challenge education
E Sant, A Pais, J McDonnell, D Mendez Alvarez-Hevia
E & E Printing, 2017
PFI and the Performative Politics of Dissent: lessons for democratic education
J McDonnell
Power and Education 6 (3), 307-317, 2014
Finding a Place in the Discourse: Film, Literature and the Process of Becoming Politically Subject
J McDonnell
JSSE-Journal of Social Science Education, 2014
RE teachers and the shifting landscape of values education in England
J McDonnell
British Journal of Religious Education, 1-12, 2023
The art of democracy: Gallery education and young people's democratic learning
GJJ Biesta, R Lawy, J McDonnell, H Lawy
Engage (National Association for Gallery Education), 2008
Key Criticisms of Rancière
J McDonnell
Reading Rancière for Education: An Introduction, 177-198, 2022
Reading Rancière for education
J McDonnell
Palgrave Macmillan, 2022
What future for young people’s artistic activism?
J McDonnell
Governing youth politics in the age of surveillance, 141-153, 2018
Creating spaces for democracy in higher education: rethinking assessment feedback strategies
W Curtis, J McDonnell
De Montfort University, 2011
Engaging with Art and Learning Democracy: a study of democratic subjectivity, aesthetic experience and arts practice amongst young people
JL McDonnell
PQDT-UK & Ireland, 2010
On (the Politics of) Aesthetics
J McDonnell
Reading Rancière for Education: An Introduction, 41-62, 2022
Art (s) Education
J McDonnell
Reading Rancière for Education: An Introduction, 131-152, 2022
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