Sophia Ng
Sophia Ng
University of Western Australia, CEA Cadarache
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The membrane-bound NAC transcription factor ANAC013 functions in mitochondrial retrograde regulation of the oxidative stress response in Arabidopsis
I De Clercq, V Vermeirssen, O Van Aken, K Vandepoele, MW Murcha, ...
The Plant Cell 25 (9), 3472-3490, 2013
A membrane-bound NAC transcription factor, ANAC017, mediates mitochondrial retrograde signaling in Arabidopsis
S Ng, A Ivanova, O Duncan, SR Law, O Van Aken, I De Clercq, Y Wang, ...
The Plant Cell 25 (9), 3450-3471, 2013
TCP transcription factors link the regulation of genes encoding mitochondrial proteins with the circadian clock in Arabidopsis thaliana
E Giraud, S Ng, C Carrie, O Duncan, J Low, CP Lee, O Van Aken, ...
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Defining reference genes in Oryza sativausing organ, development, biotic and abiotic transcriptome datasets
R Narsai, A Ivanova, S Ng, J Whelan
BMC plant biology 10 (1), 56, 2010
Anterograde and retrograde regulation of nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial proteins during growth, development, and stress
S Ng, I De Clercq, O Van Aken, SR Law, A Ivanova, P Willems, E Giraud, ...
Molecular plant 7 (7), 1075-1093, 2014
Cyclin-dependent kinase E1 (CDKE1) provides a cellular switch in plants between growth and stress responses
S Ng, E Giraud, O Duncan, SR Law, Y Wang, L Xu, R Narsai, C Carrie, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (5), 3449-3459, 2013
Reduced mitochondrial and ascorbate–glutathione activity after artificial ageing in soybean seed
X Xin, Q Tian, G Yin, X Chen, J Zhang, S Ng, X Lu
Journal of Plant Physiology 171 (2), 140-147, 2014
How do plants make mitochondria?
C Carrie, MW Murcha, E Giraud, S Ng, MF Zhang, R Narsai, J Whelan
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The transcription factor MYB29 is a regulator of ALTERNATIVE OXIDASE1a
X Zhang, A Ivanova, K Vandepoele, J Radomiljac, J Van de Velde, ...
Plant Physiology 173 (3), 1824-1843, 2017
Mutation in xyloglucan 6-xylosytransferase results in abnormal root hair development in Oryza sativa
C Wang, S Li, S Ng, B Zhang, Y Zhou, J Whelan, P Wu, H Shou
Journal of experimental botany 65 (15), 4149-4157, 2014
SPX4 acts on PHR1-dependent and-independent regulation of shoot phosphorus status in Arabidopsis
MB Osorio, S Ng, O Berkowitz, I De Clercq, C Mao, H Shou, J Whelan, ...
Plant physiology 181 (1), 332-352, 2019
Genome-wide identification and characterization of ALTERNATIVE OXIDASE genes and their response under abiotic stresses in Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze
CQ Ding, S Ng, L Wang, YC Wang, NN Li, XY Hao, JM Zeng, XC Wang, ...
Planta 248 (5), 1231-1247, 2018
Effects of sources and meteorology on particulate matter in the Western Mediterranean Basin: An overview of the DAURE campaign
A Alastuey, B Artiñano, J Baldasano, JF Burkhart, A Comeron, M Cubison, ...
Identification and characterisation of regulators of nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial proteins/Sophia Ng Jinq Tyan
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