Lars Björck
Lars Björck
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Purification and some properties of streptococcal protein G, a novel IgG-binding reagent.
L Björck, G Kronvall
The Journal of Immunology 133 (2), 969-974, 1984
Protein G: a powerful tool for binding and detection of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.
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A physicochemical study of protein G, a molecule with unique immunoglobulin G-binding properties.
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M protein, a classical bacterial virulence determinant, forms complexes with fibrinogen that induce vascular leakage
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Protein L - a novel bacterial cell wall protein with affinity for immunoglobulin light chains
L Björck
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A Berge, L Björck
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Bacterial growth blocked by a synthetic peptide based on the structure of a human proteinase inhibitor
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Antimicrobial activities of heparin‐binding peptides
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H Jarva, R Janulczyk, J Hellwage, PF Zipfel, L Björck, S Meri
The Journal of Immunology 168 (4), 1886-1894, 2002
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