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Big-data approaches lead to an increased understanding of the ecology of animal movement
R Nathan, CT Monk, R Arlinghaus, T Adam, J Alós, M Assaf, H Baktoft, ...
Science 375 (6582), eabg1780, 2022
The role of gill raker number variability in adaptive radiation of coregonid fish
KK Kahilainen, A Siwertsson, KØ Gjelland, R Knudsen, T Bøhn, ...
Evolutionary Ecology 25, 573-588, 2011
Environmental influence on transmitter detection probability in biotelemetry: developing a general model of acoustic transmission
KØ Gjelland, RD Hedger
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 4 (7), 665-674, 2013
Positioning of aquatic animals based on time-of-arrival and random walk models using YAPS (Yet Another Positioning Solver)
H Baktoft, KØ Gjelland, F Økland, UH Thygesen
Scientific reports 7 (1), 14294, 2017
Sea trout adapt their migratory behaviour in response to high salmon lice concentrations
E Halttunen, KØ Gjelland, S Hamel, RM Serra‐Llinares, R Nilsen, ...
Journal of Fish Diseases 41 (6), 953-967, 2018
Speciation reversal in European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus (L.)) caused by competitor invasion
S Bhat, PA Amundsen, R Knudsen, KØ Gjelland, SE Fevolden, ...
PLoS One 9 (3), e91208, 2014
Predation by brown trout (Salmo trutta) along a diversifying prey community gradient
H Jensen, KK Kahilainen, PA Amundsen, KØ Gjelland, A Tuomaala, ...
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 65 (9), 1831-1841, 2008
Invader population speeds up life history during colonization
PA Amundsen, E Salonen, T Niva, KØ Gjelland, K Præbel, OT Sandlund, ...
Biological Invasions 14, 1501-1513, 2012
Heavy metal contents in whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus) along a pollution gradient in a subarctic watercourse
PA Amundsen, NA Kashulin, P Terentjev, KØ Gjelland, IM Koroleva, ...
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 182, 301-316, 2011
The effects of hydrodynamics on the three-dimensional downstream migratory movement of Atlantic salmon
AT Silva, KM Bærum, RD Hedger, H Baktoft, HP Fjeldstad, KØ Gjelland, ...
Science of the Total Environment 705, 135773, 2020
Effects of salmon lice infection on the behaviour of sea trout in the marine phase
KØ Gjelland, RM Serra-Llinares, RD Hedger, P Arechavala-Lopez, ...
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 5 (3), 221-233, 2014
Planktivore vertical migration and shoaling under a subarctic light regime
KØ Gjelland, T Bøhn, JK Horne, I Jensvoll, FR Knudsen, PA Amundsen
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 66 (4), 525-539, 2009
Timing is everything: Survival of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar postsmolts during events of high salmon lice densities
T Bøhn, KØ Gjelland, RM Serra‐Llinares, B Finstad, R Primicerio, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (6), 1149-1160, 2020
Is coexistence mediated by microhabitat segregation? An in‐depth exploration of a fish invasion
KØ Gjelland, T Bøhn, PA Amundsen
Journal of Fish Biology 71, 196-209, 2007
Invasion genetics of vendace (Coregonus albula (L.)) in the Inari‐Pasvik watercourse: revealing the origin and expansion pattern of a rapid colonization event
K Præbel, KØ Gjelland, E Salonen, PA Amundsen
Ecology and evolution 3 (5), 1400-1412, 2013
A planktivorous specialist turns rapacious: piscivory in invading vendace Coregonus albula
S Liso, KØ Gjelland, YS Reshetnikov, PA Amundsen
Journal of Fish Biology 78 (1), 332-337, 2011
Influence of light on the swimming speed of coregonids in subarctic lakes
KO Gjelland, T Bohn, FR Knudsen, PA Amundsen
Annales Zoologici Fennici 41 (1), 137-146, 2004
Hydroacoustic observations indicating swimbladder volume compensation during the diel vertical migration in coregonids (Coregonus lavaretus and Coregonus albula)
FR Knudsen, KØ Gjelland
Fisheries research 66 (2), 337-341, 2004
Migration of Atlantic salmon post-smolts in a fjord with high infestation pressure of salmon lice
E Halttunen, KØ Gjelland, KA Glover, IA Johnsen, RM Serra-Llinares, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 592, 243-256, 2018
Modelling mitigation measures for smolt migration at dammed river sections
M Szabo‐Meszaros, T Forseth, H Baktoft, HP Fjeldstad, AT Silva, ...
Ecohydrology 12 (7), e2131, 2019
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