Amy L. Bauernfeind
Amy L. Bauernfeind
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A volumetric comparison of the insular cortex and its subregions in primates
AL Bauernfeind, AA de Sousa, T Avasthi, SD Dobson, MA Raghanti, ...
Journal of human evolution 64 (4), 263-279, 2013
Synaptogenesis and development of pyramidal neuron dendritic morphology in the chimpanzee neocortex resembles humans
S Bianchi, CD Stimpson, T Duka, MD Larsen, WGM Janssen, Z Collins, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (Supplement 2), 10395-10401, 2013
Dendritic morphology of pyramidal neurons in the chimpanzee neocortex: regional specializations and comparison to humans
S Bianchi, CD Stimpson, AL Bauernfeind, SJ Schapiro, WB Baze, ...
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Wernicke's area homologue in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and its relation to the appearance of modern human language
MA Spocter, WD Hopkins, AR Garrison, AL Bauernfeind, CD Stimpson, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 277 (1691), 2165-2174, 2010
Human brain evolution writ large and small
CC Sherwood, AL Bauernfeind, S Bianchi, MA Raghanti, PR Hof
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Estimation of baseline dopamine D2 receptor occupancy in striatum and extrastriatal regions in humans with positron emission tomography with [18F] fallypride
P Riccardi, R Baldwin, R Salomon, S Anderson, MS Ansari, R Li, ...
Biological psychiatry 63 (2), 241-244, 2008
Aerobic glycolysis in the primate brain: reconsidering the implications for growth and maintenance
AL Bauernfeind, SK Barks, T Duka, LI Grossman, PR Hof, CC Sherwood
Brain Structure and Function 219 (4), 1149-1167, 2014
Evolutionary divergence of gene and protein expression in the brains of humans and chimpanzees
AL Bauernfeind, EJ Soderblom, ME Turner, MA Moseley, JJ Ely, PR Hof, ...
Genome biology and evolution 7 (8), 2276-2288, 2015
Circadian Rhythms in the Mating Behavior of the Cockroach, Leucophaea maderae
J Rymer, AL Bauernfeind, S Brown, TL Page
Journal of Biological Rhythms 22 (1), 43-57, 2007
The predictive nature of transcript expression levels on protein expression in adult human brain
AL Bauernfeind, CC Babbitt
BMC genomics 18 (1), 1-11, 2017
Prior MDMA (Ecstasy) use is associated with increased basal ganglia–thalamocortical circuit activation during motor task performance in humans: An fMRI study
J Karageorgiou, MS Dietrich, EJ Charboneau, ND Woodward, ...
Neuroimage 46 (3), 817-826, 2009
Human ecstasy use is associated with increased cortical excitability: an fMRI study
AL Bauernfeind, MS Dietrich, JU Blackford, EJ Charboneau, JG Lillevig, ...
Neuropsychopharmacology 36 (6), 1127-1141, 2011
MDMA (ecstasy) use is associated with reduced BOLD signal change during semantic recognition in abstinent human polydrug users: a preliminary fMRI study
V Raj, HC Liang, ND Woodward, AL Bauernfeind, J Lee, MS Dietrich, ...
Journal of psychopharmacology 24 (2), 187-201, 2010
MDMA (Ecstasy) association with impaired fMRI BOLD thalamic coherence and functional connectivity
RM Salomon, J Karageorgiou, MS Dietrich, JY McLellan, EJ Charboneau, ...
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Time series fMRI measures detect changes in pontine raphe following acute tryptophan depletion
RM Salomon, RL Cowan, BP Rogers, MS Dietrich, AL Bauernfeind, ...
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The appropriation of glucose through primate neurodevelopment
AL Bauernfeind, CC Babbitt
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High spatial resolution proteomic comparison of the brain in humans and chimpanzees
AL Bauernfeind, ML Reyzer, RM Caprioli, JJ Ely, CC Babbitt, GA Wray, ...
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Neocortical neuron morphology in Afrotheria: comparing the rock hyrax with the African elephant
S Bianchi, AL Bauernfeind, K Gupta, CD Stimpson, MA Spocter, CJ Bonar, ...
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1225 (1), 37-46, 2011
Variable temporoinsular cortex neuroanatomy in primates suggests a bottleneck effect in eastern gorillas
SK Barks, AL Bauernfeind, CJ Bonar, MR Cranfield, AA de Sousa, ...
Journal of Comparative Neurology 522 (4), 844-860, 2014
The fossil record: evidence for speech in early hominins
BA Wood, AL Bauernfeind
The Oxford Handbook of Language Evolution, 2011
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