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METAXA2: improved identification and taxonomic classification of small and large subunit rRNA in metagenomic data
J Bengtsson‐Palme, M Hartmann, KM Eriksson, C Pal, K Thorell, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 15 (6), 1403-1414, 2015
Bicarbonate and functional CFTR channel are required for proper mucin secretion and link cystic fibrosis with its mucus phenotype
JK Gustafsson, A Ermund, D Ambort, MEV Johansson, HE Nilsson, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 209 (7), 1263-1272, 2012
Rapid evolution of distinct Helicobacter pylori subpopulations in the Americas
K Thorell, K Yahara, E Berthenet, DJ Lawson, J Mikhail, I Kato, A Mendez, ...
PLoS genetics 13 (2), e1006546, 2017
Whole genome sequence and phylogenetic analysis show Helicobacter pylori strains from latin America have followed a unique evolution pathway
ZY Muñoz-Ramírez, A Mendez-Tenorio, I Kato, MM Bravo, C Rizzato, ...
Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology 7, 50, 2017
In Vivo Analysis of the Viable Microbiota and Helicobacter pylori Transcriptome in Gastric Infection and Early Stages of Carcinogenesis
K Thorell, J Bengtsson-Palme, OHF Liu, RV Palacios Gonzales, ...
Infection and immunity 85 (10), 10.1128/iai. 00031-17, 2017
A GWAS on Helicobacter pylori strains points to genetic variants associated with gastric cancer risk
E Berthenet, K Yahara, K Thorell, B Pascoe, G Meric, JM Mikhail, ...
BMC biology 16, 1-11, 2018
Transcriptome signatures in Helicobacter pylori-infected mucosa identifies acidic mammalian chitinase loss as a corpus atrophy marker
I Nookaew, K Thorell, K Worah, S Wang, ML Hibberd, H Sjövall, ...
BMC medical genomics 6, 1-14, 2013
Verification of genes differentially expressed in neuroblastoma tumours: a study of potential tumour suppressor genes
K Thorell, A Bergman, H Carén, S Nilsson, P Kogner, T Martinsson, F Abel
BMC medical genomics 2, 1-13, 2009
Diarrheal bacterial pathogens and multi-resistant enterobacteria in the Choqueyapu River in La Paz, Bolivia
J Guzman-Otazo, L Gonzales-Siles, V Poma, J Bengtsson-Palme, ...
PLoS One 14 (1), e0210735, 2019
Global analysis of more than 50,000 SARS-CoV-2 genomes reveals epistasis between eight viral genes
HL Zeng, V Dichio, E Rodríguez Horta, K Thorell, E Aurell
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (49), 31519-31526, 2020
Whole-genome sequencing redefines Shewanella taxonomy
K Thorell, JP Meier-Kolthoff, Å Sjöling, AJ Martín-Rodríguez
Frontiers in microbiology 10, 475421, 2019
Strategies to improve usability and preserve accuracy in biological sequence databases
J Bengtsson‐Palme, F Boulund, R Edström, A Feizi, A Johnning, ...
Proteomics 16 (18), 2454-2460, 2016
Metaxa2 Database Builder: enabling taxonomic identification from metagenomic or metabarcoding data using any genetic marker
J Bengtsson-Palme, RT Richardson, M Meola, C Wurzbacher, ...
Bioinformatics 34 (23), 4027-4033, 2018
Metaxa2 diversity tools: easing microbial community analysis with Metaxa2
J Bengtsson-Palme, K Thorell, C Wurzbacher, Å Sjöling, RH Nilsson
Ecological informatics 33, 45-50, 2016
A 500-year tale of co-evolution, adaptation, and virulence: Helicobacter pylori in the Americas
ZY Muñoz-Ramirez, B Pascoe, A Mendez-Tenorio, E Mourkas, ...
The ISME journal 15 (1), 78-92, 2021
Repeated Isolation of Extended-Spectrum-β-Lactamase-Positive Escherichia coli Sequence Types 648 and 131 from Community Wastewater Indicates that …
E Paulshus, K Thorell, J Guzman-Otazo, E Joffre, P Colque, I Kühn, ...
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 63 (9), 10.1128/aac. 00823-19, 2019
Building pangenome graphs
E Garrison, A Guarracino, S Heumos, F Villani, Z Bao, L Tattini, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.04. 05.535718, 2023
Genomics of Helicobacter pylori
K Thorell, P Lehours, FF Vale
Helicobacter 22, e12409, 2017
Alterations of c‐di‐GMP turnover proteins modulate semi‐constitutive rdar biofilm formation in commensal and uropathogenic Escherichia coli
A Cimdins, R Simm, F Li, P Lüthje, K Thorell, Å Sjöling, A Brauner, ...
MicrobiologyOpen 6 (5), e00508, 2017
Identification of a Latin American-specific BabA adhesin variant through whole genome sequencing of Helicobacter pylori patient isolates from Nicaragua
K Thorell, S Hosseini, RVP Palacios Gonzáles, C Chaotham, DY Graham, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 16 (1), 1-16, 2016
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