Pedro Gonnet
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A role for codon order in translation dynamics
G Cannarozzi, NN Schraudolph, M Faty, P von Rohr, MT Friberg, AC Roth, ...
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Robust Padé approximation via SVD
P Gonnet, S Guttel, LN Trefethen
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P Gonnet
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P-SHAKE: a quadratically convergent shake in O(n^2)
P Gonnet
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Fine‐tuning the prediction of sequences cleaved by signal peptidase II: A curated set of proven and predicted lipoproteins of Escherichia coli K‐12
P Gonnet, KE Rudd, F Lisacek
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JH Walther, T Werder, RL Jaffe, P Gonnet, M Bergdorf, U Zimmerli, ...
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A Review of Error Estimation in Adaptive Quadrature
P Gonnet
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Increasing the reliability of adaptive quadrature using explicit interpolants
P Gonnet
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Stability of barycentric interpolation formulas
M Webb, LN Trefethen, P Gonnet
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Probabilistic alignment of motifs with sequences
P Gonnet, F Lisacek
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Fast and stable rational interpolation in roots of unity and Chebyshev points
R Pachon, P Gonnet, J Van Deun
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A specialized ODE integrator for the efficient computation of parameter sensitivities
P Gonnet, S Dimopoulos, L Widmer, J Stelling
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Pairwise verlet lists: Combining cell lists and verlet lists to improve memory locality and parallelism
P Gonnet
Journal of computational chemistry 33 (1), 76-81, 2012
Adaptive quadrature re-revisited
P Gonnet
Lulu. com, 2009
Efficient and Scalable Algorithms for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics on Hybrid Shared/Distributed-Memory Architectures
P Gonnet
SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 37 (1), C95–C121, 2015
SWIFT: Using task-based parallelism, fully asynchronous communication, and graph partition-based domain decomposition for strong scaling on more than 100,000 cores
M Schaller, P Gonnet, ABG Chalk, PW Draper
Proceedings of the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference, 1-10, 2016
Shaping biological knowledge: applications in proteomics
F Lisacek, C Chichester, P Gonnet, O Jaillet, S Kappus, F Nikitin, ...
International Journal of Genomics 5 (2), 190-195, 2004
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