Hans Hassell
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Party Control of Party Primaries: Party Influence in Nominations for the US Senate
HJG Hassell
Journal of Politics 78 (1), 75-87, 2016
Campaign targets and messages in direct mail fundraising
HJG Hassell, JQ Monson
Political Behavior 36 (2), 359-376, 2014
The Party's Primary: Control of Congressional Nominations
HJG Hassell
Cambridge University Press, 2018
Looking beyond the voting constituency: A study of campaign donation solicitations in the 2008 presidential primary and general election
HJG Hassell
Journal of Political Marketing 10 (1-2), 27-42, 2011
The Differential Effects of Stress on Voter Turnout
HJG Hassell, JE Settle
Political Psychology, 2017
When to attack: The trajectory of congressional campaign negativity
HJG Hassell, KR Oeltjenbruns
American Politics Research 44 (2), 222-246, 2016
Media Framing and Partisan Identity: The Case of Immigration Coverage and White Macropartisanship
MA Abrajano, Z Hajnal, HJG Hassell
Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics 2 (1), 5-34, 2017
Call to (in) action: The effects of racial priming on grassroots mobilization
HJG Hassell, N Visalvanich
Political Behavior 37 (4), 911-932, 2015
The personality of the politically ambitious
AM Dynes, HJG Hassell, MR Miles
Political Behavior 41 (2), 309-336, 2019
Veto rhetoric and legislative riders
HJG Hassell, S Kernell
American Journal of Political Science 60 (4), 845-859, 2016
On the limits of officials’ ability to change citizens’ priorities: A field experiment in local politics
DM Butler, HJG Hassell
American Political Science Review 112 (4), 860-873, 2018
The Non-Existent Primary-Ideology Link, or Do Open Primaries Actually Limit Party Influence in Primary Elections?
HJG Hassell
Annual State Politics and Policy Conference, Iowa City, IA, 2013
Principled Moderation: Understanding Parties’ Support of Moderate Candidates
HJG Hassell
Legislative Studies Quarterly 43 (2), 343-369, 2018
Teaching voters new tricks: The effect of partisan absentee vote-by-mail get-out-the-vote efforts
HJG Hassell
Research & Politics 4 (1), 2053168017694806, 2017
Representational Inconsistency: Presentation of Self and Explanations of Washington Activity in Campaign Mail and Franked Mail
HJG Hassell, JQ Monson
Congress & the Presidency 43 (2), 206-226, 2016
Public and Partisan Opinions of the Speaker of the House
HJG Hassell
Congress & the Presidency 41 (1), 107-127, 2014
Negative Descriptive Social Norms and Political Action: People Aren’t Acting, So You Should
HJG Hassell, EE Wyler
Political Behavior 41 (1), 231-256, 2019
The Party's Primary Preferences: Race, Gender, and Party Support of Congressional Primary Candidates
HJG Hassell, N Visalvanich
Gender, and Party Support of Congressional Primary Candidates (October 15, 2015), 2015
Message Bias: Campaign Strategy As Seen Through TV, Mail, Print, and Electronic Communications
HJG Hassell, N Marn
Meetings of the Midwest Political Science Association, 2015
Whatever Happened to Party Government? Mark Wickham‐Jones. Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 2018. 432 pp. $90.00.
HJG Hassell
Political Science Quarterly 134 (2), 337-338, 2019
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