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Analysis of the Arabidopsis IRX9/IRX9-L and IRX14/IRX14-L Pairs of Glycosyltransferase Genes Reveals Critical Contributions to Biosynthesis of the …
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E Pesquet, B Zhang, A Gorzsás, T Puhakainen, H Serk, S Escamez, ...
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MYB103 is required for FERULATE‐5‐HYDROXYLASE expression and syringyl lignin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis stems
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A genome‐wide screen for ethylene‐induced Ethylene Response Factors (ERFs) in hybrid aspen stem identifies ERF genes that modify stem growth and wood …
J Vahala, J Felten, J Love, A Gorzsás, L Gerber, A Lamminmäki, ...
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Deficient sucrose synthase activity in developing wood does not specifically affect cellulose biosynthesis, but causes an overall decrease in cell wall polymers
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High-throughput characterization of sediment organic matter by pyrolysis–gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and multivariate curve resolution: a promising analytical tool in …
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Strategy for minimizing between-study variation of large-scale phenotypic experiments using multivariate analysis
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ELIMÄKI locus is required for vertical proprioceptive response in birch trees
J Alonso-Serra, X Shi, A Peaucelle, P Rastas, M Bourdon, J Immanen, ...
Current Biology 30 (4), 589-599. e5, 2020
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J Felten, J Vahala, J Love, A Gorzsás, L Gerber, M Kumar, J Kangasjärvi, ...
BMC Proceedings 5 (7), 1-2, 2011
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