Sichen (Susan) Shao
Sichen (Susan) Shao
Harvard Medical School
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Membrane protein insertion at the endoplasmic reticulum
S Shao, RS Hegde
Annual review of cell and developmental biology 27, 25-56, 2011
Structural basis for stop codon recognition in eukaryotes
A Brown, S Shao, J Murray, RS Hegde, V Ramakrishnan
Nature 524 (7566), 493-496, 2015
Listerin-dependent nascent protein ubiquitination relies on ribosome subunit dissociation
S Shao, K von der Malsburg, RS Hegde
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Structure and assembly pathway of the ribosome quality control complex
S Shao, A Brown, B Santhanam, RS Hegde
Molecular cell 57 (3), 433-444, 2015
Ubiquilins chaperone and triage mitochondrial membrane proteins for degradation
E Itakura, E Zavodszky, S Shao, ML Wohlever, RJ Keenan, RS Hegde
Molecular cell 63 (1), 21-33, 2016
A calmodulin-dependent translocation pathway for small secretory proteins
S Shao, RS Hegde
Cell 147 (7), 1576-1588, 2011
Decoding mammalian ribosome-mRNA states by translational GTPase complexes
S Shao, J Murray, A Brown, J Taunton, V Ramakrishnan, RS Hegde
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Reconstitution of a minimal ribosome-associated ubiquitination pathway with purified factors
S Shao, RS Hegde
Molecular cell 55 (6), 880-890, 2014
The budding yeast nuclear envelope adjacent to the nucleolus serves as a membrane sink during mitotic delay
KL Witkin, Y Chong, S Shao, MT Webster, S Lahiri, AD Walters, B Lee, ...
Current Biology 22 (12), 1128-1133, 2012
Target selection during protein quality control
S Shao, RS Hegde
Trends in biochemical sciences 41 (2), 124-137, 2016
Mechanistic basis for a molecular triage reaction
S Shao, MC Rodrigo-Brenni, MH Kivlen, RS Hegde
Science 355 (6322), 298-302, 2017
Tracking F plasmid TraI relaxase processing reactions provides insight into F plasmid transfer
L Dostál, S Shao, JF Schildbach
Nucleic acids research 39 (7), 2658-2670, 2011
EMC is required to initiate accurate membrane protein topogenesis
PJ Chitwood, S Juszkiewicz, A Guna, S Shao, RS Hegde
Cell 175 (6), 1507-1519. e16, 2018
The ribosome quality control pathway can access nascent polypeptides stalled at the Sec61 translocon
K Malsburg, S Shao, RS Hegde
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Structures of translationally inactive mammalian ribosomes
A Brown, MR Baird, MCJ Yip, J Murray, S Shao
Elife 7, e40486, 2018
Activation of GCN2 by the ribosomal P-stalk
AJ Inglis, GR Masson, S Shao, O Perisic, SH McLaughlin, RS Hegde, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (11), 4946-4954, 2019
Mechanism for recycling tRNAs on stalled ribosomes
MCJ Yip, AFA Keszei, Q Feng, V Chu, MJ McKenna, S Shao
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Ribosomes and cryo-EM: a duet
A Brown, S Shao
Current opinion in structural biology 52, 1-7, 2018
In vitro reconstitution of translational arrest pathways
Q Feng, S Shao
Methods 137, 20-36, 2018
A flip turn for membrane protein insertion
S Shao, RS Hegde
Cell 146 (1), 13-15, 2011
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