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Cecilia Picazo Campos
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Interplay among Gcn5, Sch9 and mitochondria during chronological aging of wine yeast is dependent on growth conditions
C Picazo, H Orozco, E Matallana, A Aranda
PloS one 10 (2), e0117267, 2015
Mitochondria inheritance is a key factor for tolerance to dehydration in wine yeast production
C Picazo, E Gamero‐Sandemetrio, H Orozco, W Albertin, P Marullo, ...
Letters in Applied Microbiology 60 (3), 217-222, 2015
Peroxiredoxin promotes longevity and H2O2-resistance in yeast through redox-modulation of protein kinase A
F Roger, C Picazo, W Reiter, M Libiad, C Asami, S Hanzén, C Gao, ...
Elife 9, e60346, 2020
Impact of hydrogen peroxide on protein synthesis in yeast
C Picazo, M Molin
Antioxidants 10 (6), 952, 2021
Yeast life span and its impact on food fermentations
A Aranda, H Orozco, C Picazo, E Matallana
Fermentation 5 (2), 37, 2019
Saccharomyces cerevisiae cytosolic thioredoxins control glycolysis, lipid metabolism, and protein biosynthesis under wine-making conditions
C Picazo, B McDonagh, J Peinado, JA Bárcena, E Matallana, A Aranda
Applied and environmental microbiology 85 (7), e02953-18, 2019
Yeast thioredoxin reductase Trr1p controls TORC1-regulated processes
C Picazo, E Matallana, A Aranda
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 16500, 2018
Herbicide glufosinate inhibits yeast growth and extends longevity during wine fermentation
B Vallejo, C Picazo, H Orozco, E Matallana, A Aranda
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 12414, 2017
Dietary patterns and mortality in a multinational cohort of adults receiving hemodialysis
VM Saglimbene, G Wong, A Teixeira-Pinto, M Ruospo, V Garcia-Larsen, ...
American journal of kidney diseases 75 (3), 361-372, 2020
RNA binding protein Pub1p regulates glycerol production and stress tolerance by controlling Gpd1p activity during winemaking
H Orozco, A Sepúlveda, C Picazo, E Matallana, A Aranda
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 100 (11), 5017-5027, 2016
Sch9p kinase and the Gcn4p transcription factor regulate glycerol production during winemaking
B Vallejo, H Orozco, C Picazo, E Matallana, A Aranda
FEMS Yeast Research 17 (1), fow106, 2017
A Redox-Sensitive Thiol in Wis1 Modulates the Fission Yeast Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Response to H2O2 and Is the Target of a Small Molecule
JJ Sjölander, A Tarczykowska, C Picazo, I Cossio, IN Redwan, C Gao, ...
Molecular and Cellular Biology 40 (7), e00346-19, 2020
The Yeast eIF2 Kinase Gcn2 Facilitates H2O2-Mediated Feedback Inhibition of Both Protein Synthesis and Endoplasmic Reticulum Oxidative Folding during …
V Gast, K Campbell, C Picazo, M Engqvist, V Siewers, M Molin
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 87 (15), e00301-21, 2021
Wine Yeast Peroxiredoxin TSA1 Plays a Role in Growth, Stress Response and Trehalose Metabolism in Biomass Propagation
V Garrigós, C Picazo, E Matallana, A Aranda
Microorganisms 8 (10), 1537, 2020
Genetically modified yeasts in wine biotechnology
C Picazo, V Garrigós, E Matallana, A Aranda
Grapes and Wine, 189, 2022
Peroxiredoxin promotes longevity and H2O2-resistance in yeast through redox-modification of protein kinase A
F Roger, C Picazo, C Asami, W Reiter, S Hanzén, C Gao, G Lagniel, ...
bioRxiv, 676270, 2019
Regulation of metabolism, stress response, and sod1 activity by cytosolic thioredoxins in yeast depends on growth phase
C Picazo, CA Padilla, B McDonagh, E Matallana, JA Bárcena, A Aranda
Advances in Redox Research 9, 100081, 2023
Up-regulation of Retrograde Response in yeast increases glycerol and reduces ethanol during wine fermentation
V Garrigós, B Vallejo, E Mollà-Martí, C Picazo, E Peltier, P Marullo, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.12. 01.568406, 2023
Cytosolic peroxiredoxin Tsa1 modulates acetic acid production in winemaking conditions
V Garrigós, L Dengler, E Matallana, J Ewald, A Aranda, C Picazo
Impacto de la peroxirredoxina de levadura Tsa1 en el metabolismo de carbohidratos
C Picazo, V Garrigós, E Matallana, A Aranda
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