Pedro P. Rocha
Pedro P. Rocha
Tenure-track Investigator NIH / NICHD
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CTCF establishes discrete functional chromatin domains at the Hox clusters during differentiation
V Narendra, PP Rocha, D An, R Raviram, JA Skok, EO Mazzoni, ...
Science 347 (6225), 1017-1021, 2015
Med12 is essential for early mouse development and for canonical Wnt and Wnt/PCP signaling
PP Rocha, M Scholze, W Bleiß, H Schrewe
Development 137 (16), 2723-2731, 2010
Cohesin loss alters adult hematopoietic stem cell homeostasis, leading to myeloproliferative neoplasms
J Mullenders, B Aranda-Orgilles, P Lhoumaud, M Keller, J Pae, K Wang, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 212 (11), 1833-1850, 2015
Capturing the onset of PRC2-mediated repressive domain formation
O Oksuz, V Narendra, CH Lee, N Descostes, G LeRoy, R Raviram, ...
Molecular cell 70 (6), 1149-1162. e5, 2018
CRISPR-dCas9 and sgRNA scaffolds enable dual-colour live imaging of satellite sequences and repeat-enriched individual loci
Y Fu, PP Rocha, VM Luo, R Raviram, Y Deng, EO Mazzoni, JA Skok
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-8, 2016
MED12 regulates HSC-specific enhancers independently of mediator kinase activity to control hematopoiesis
B Aranda-Orgilles, R Saldaña-Meyer, E Wang, E Trompouki, A Fassl, ...
Cell Stem Cell 19 (6), 784-799, 2016
Close proximity to Igh is a contributing factor to AID-mediated translocations
PP Rocha, M Micsinai, JHR Kim, SL Hewitt, PP Souza, T Trimarchi, ...
Molecular cell 47 (6), 873-885, 2012
4C-ker: A Method to Reproducibly Identify Genome-Wide Interactions Captured by 4C-Seq Experiments
JAS Ramya Raviram, Pedro P. Rocha, Christian L. Müller, Emily R. Miraldi ...
Plos Computational Biology, 2016
Lack of functional and expression homology between human and mouse aldo-keto reductase 1C enzymes: implications for modelling human cancers
P Veliça, NJ Davies, PP Rocha, H Schrewe, JP Ride, CM Bunce
Molecular cancer 8 (1), 121, 2009
Low-grade astrocytoma mutations in IDH1, P53, and ATRX cooperate to block differentiation of human neural stem cells via repression of SOX2
AS Modrek, D Golub, T Khan, D Bready, J Prado, C Bowman, J Deng, ...
Cell reports 21 (5), 1267-1280, 2017
Breaking TADs: insights into hierarchical genome organization
PP Rocha, R Raviram, R Bonneau, JA Skok
Epigenomics 7 (4), 523-526, 2015
Identification of multi-loci hubs from 4C-seq demonstrates the functional importance of simultaneous interactions
T Jiang, R Raviram, V Snetkova, PP Rocha, C Proudhon, S Badri, ...
Nucleic acids research 44 (18), 8714-8725, 2016
Mediator facilitates transcriptional activation and dynamic long-range contacts at the IgH locus during class switch recombination
AS Thomas-Claudepierre, I Robert, PP Rocha, R Raviram, E Schiavo, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 213 (3), 303-312, 2016
A damage-independent role for 53BP1 that impacts break order and Igh architecture during class switch recombination
PP Rocha, R Raviram, Y Fu, JH Kim, VM Luo, A Aljoufi, E Swanzey, ...
Cell reports 16 (1), 48-55, 2016
Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome candidate 1 is necessary for correct hematopoietic and B cell development
E Campos-Sanchez, N Deleyto-Seldas, V Dominguez, ...
Cell reports 19 (8), 1586-1601, 2017
Interpreting 4C-Seq data: how far can we go?
R Raviram, PP Rocha, R Bonneau, JA Skok
Epigenomics 6 (5), 455-457, 2014
The origin of recurrent translocations in recombining lymphocytes: a balance between break frequency and nuclear proximity
PP Rocha, JA Skok
Current opinion in cell biology 25 (3), 365-371, 2013
Mosaic expression of Med12 in female mice leads to exencephaly, spina bifida, and craniorachischisis
PP Rocha, W Bleiss, H Schrewe
Birth Defects Research Part A: Clinical and Molecular Teratology 88 (8), 626-632, 2010
Analysis of 3D genomic interactions identifies candidate host genes that transposable elements potentially regulate
R Raviram, PP Rocha, VM Luo, E Swanzey, ER Miraldi, EB Chuong, ...
Genome biology 19 (1), 1-19, 2018
Finding the right partner in a 3D genome
PP Rocha, J Chaumeil, JA Skok
Science 342 (6164), 1333-1334, 2013
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