Emiliano Cortés
Emiliano Cortés
University of Munich (LMU), Germany / Imperial College London, UK
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The chemistry of the sulfur–gold interface: in search of a unified model
E Pensa, E Cortes, G Corthey, P Carro, C Vericat, MH Fonticelli, G Benitez, ...
Accounts of Chemical Research 45 (8), 1183-1192, 2012
Non-plasmonic nanoantennas for surface enhanced spectroscopies with ultra-low heat conversion
M Caldarola, P Albella, E Cortés, M Rahmani, T Roschuk, G Grinblat, ...
Nature Communications 6, 7915, 2015
Plasmonic Hot-electron Transport Drives Nano-localized Chemistry
E Cortes, W Xie, J Cambiasso, A Jeremyn, R Sundararaman, P Narang, ...
Nature Communications 8, 14880, 2017
Bridging the Gap between Dielectric Nanophotonics and the Visible Regime with Effectively Lossless Gallium Phosphide Antennas
J Cambiasso, G Grinblat, Y Li, A Rakovich, E Cortés, SA Maier
Nano Letters 17 (2), 1219-1225, 2017
Self-assembled monolayers of thiolates on metals: a review article on sulfur-metal chemistry and surface structures
C Vericat, ME Vela, G Corthey, E Pensa, E Cortés, MH Fonticelli, F Ibanez, ...
Rsc Advances 4 (53), 27730-27754, 2014
Photo-induced enhanced Raman spectroscopy for universal ultra-trace detection of explosives, pollutants and biomolecules
S Ben-Jaber, WJ Peveler, R Quesada-Cabrera, E Cortés, ...
Nature Communications 7, 12189, 2016
Monitoring the electrochemistry of single molecules by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
E Cortés, PG Etchegoin, EC Le Ru, A Fainstein, ME Vela, RC Salvarezza
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (51), 18034-18037, 2010
High efficiency second harmonic generation from a single hybrid ZnO nanowire/Au plasmonic nano-oligomer
G Grinblat, M Rahmani, E Cortés, M Caldarola, D Comedi, SA Maier, ...
Nano Letters 14 (11), 6660-6665, 2014
Enhanced stability of thiolate self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on nanostructured gold substrates
E Cortés, AA Rubert, G Benitez, P Carro, ME Vela, RC Salvarezza
Langmuir 25 (10), 5661-5666, 2009
Strong correlation between molecular configurations and charge-transfer processes probed at the single-molecule level by surface-enhanced Raman scattering
E Cortés, PG Etchegoin, EC Le Ru, A Fainstein, ME Vela, RC Salvarezza
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (7), 2809-2815, 2013
Towards Reliable and Quantitative SERS: from Key Parameters to Good Analytical Practice
S Bell, G Charron, E Cortés, J Kneipp, M Lamy de la Chapelle, J Langer, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59 (14), 5454–5462, 2020
From Optical to Chemical Hot Spots in Plasmonics
J Gargiulo, R Berté, Y Li, SA Maier, E Cortés
Accounts of Chemical Research 52 (9), 2525-2535, 2019
Spectral screening of the energy of hot holes over a particle plasmon resonance
EL Pensa, J Gargiulo, A Lauri, S Schlücker, E Cortés, SA Maier
Nano Letters 19 (3), 1867-1874, 2019
Decoupling Absorption and Emission Processes in Super-resolution Localization of Emitters in a Plasmonic Hotspot
DL Mack, E Cortes, V Giannini, P Torok, T Roschuk, SA Maier
Nature Communications 8, 14513, 2017
Understanding and Reducing Photothermal Forces for the Fabrication of Au Nanoparticle Dimers by Optical Printing
J Gargiulo, T Brick, IL Violi, FC Herrera, T Shibanuma, P Albella, ...
Nano Letters 17 (9), 5747-5755, 2017
Connecting metallic nanoparticles by optical printing
J Gargiulo, S Cerrota, E Cortés, IL Violi, FD Stefani
Nano Letters 16 (2), 1224-1229, 2016
Accuracy and Mechanistic Details of Optical Printing of Single Au and Ag Nanoparticles
J Gargiulo, IL Violi, S Cerrota, L Chvátal, E Cortés, EM Perassi, F Diaz, ...
ACS Nano 11 (10), 9678-9688, 2017
Complex surface chemistry of 4-mercaptopyridine self-assembled monolayers on Au (111)
EA Ramirez, E Cortés, AA Rubert, P Carro, G Benítez, ME Vela, ...
Langmuir 28 (17), 6839-6847, 2012
Nanoscale control of molecular self-assembly induced by plasmonic hot-electron dynamics
S Simoncelli, Y Li, E Cortés, SA Maier
ACS Nano 12 (3), 2184–2192, 2018
Efficiency and Bond Selectivity in Plasmon‐Induced Photochemistry
E Cortés
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (15), 1700191, 2017
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