Georg Staaks
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Impact of the cyanobacteria toxin, microcystin-LR on behaviour of zebrafish, Danio rerio
D Baganz, G Staaks, C Steinberg
Water research 32 (3), 948-952, 1998
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P Van Dijk, G Staaks, I Hardewig
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A new concept for aquaponic systems to improve sustainability, increase productivity, and reduce environmental impacts
W Kloas, R Groß, D Baganz, J Graupner, H Monsees, U Schmidt, ...
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J Ohlberger, G Staaks, F Hölker
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Impact of PCB mixture (Aroclor 1254) and TBT and a mixture of both on swimming behavior, body growth and enzymatic biotransformation activities (GST) of young carp (Cyprinus …
K Schmidt, GBO Staaks, S Pflugmacher, CEW Steinberg
Aquatic toxicology 71 (1), 49-59, 2005
Genome differentiation in a species pair of coregonine fishes: an extremely rapid speciation driven by stress-activated retrotransposons mediating extensive ribosomal DNA …
R Symonová, Z Majtánová, A Sember, GBO Staaks, J Bohlen, J Freyhof, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 13 (1), 1-11, 2013
Comparative study of microcystin‐LR‐induced behavioral changes of two fish species, Danio rerio and Leucaspius delineatus
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J Ohlberger, T Mehner, G Staaks, F Hölker
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J Ohlberger, T Mehner, G Staaks, F Hölker
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J Ohlberger, G Staaks, F Hölker
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Modelling energetic costs of fish swimming
J Ohlberger, G Staaks, PLM van Dijk, F Hölker
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J Krause, G Staaks, T Mehner
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G Staaks, F Kirschbaum, P Williot
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 15 (4‐5), 243-247, 1999
Xenobiotic substances such as PCB mixtures (Aroclor 1254) and TBT can influence swimming behavior and biotransformation activity (GST) of carp (Cyprinus carpio)
K Schmidt, CEW Steinberg, S Pflugmacher, GBO Staaks
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Estimating the active metabolic rate (AMR) in fish based on tail beat frequency (TBF) and body mass
J Ohlberger, G Staaks, F Hölker
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological Genetics and Physiology …, 2007
Physiological specialization by thermal adaptation drives ecological divergence in a sympatric fish species pair
J Ohlberger, G Staaks, T Petzoldt, T Mehner, F Hölker
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J Ohlberger, T Mehner, G Staaks, F Hölker
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Behaviour in a standardized assay, but not metabolic or growth rate, predicts behavioural variation in an adult aquatic top predator Esox lucius in the wild
KL Laskowski, CT Monk, G Polverino, J Alós, S Nakayama, G Staaks, ...
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Tank size alters mean behaviours and individual rank orders in personality traits of fish depending on their life stage
G Polverino, T Ruberto, G Staaks, T Mehner
Animal Behaviour 115, 127-135, 2016
Cyclic temperatures influence growth efficiency and biochemical body composition of vertically migrating fish
T Mehner, S Schiller, G Staaks, JAN Ohlberger
Freshwater Biology 56 (8), 1554-1566, 2011
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