John Raven
John Raven
Emeritus Pofessor, Division of Plant Science, University of Dundee
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Aquatic photosynthesis
PG Falkowski, JA Raven
Princeton University Press, 2013
The evolution of modern eukaryotic phytoplankton
PG Falkowski, ME Katz, AH Knoll, A Quigg, JA Raven, O Schofield, ...
science 305 (5682), 354-360, 2004
CO2 CONCENTRATING MECHANISMS IN ALGAE: Mechanisms, Environmental Modulation, and Evolution
M Giordano, J Beardall, JA Raven
Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 56, 99-131, 2005
Ocean acidification due to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide
J Raven, K Caldeira, H Elderfield, O Hoegh-Guldberg, P Liss, U Riebesell, ...
The Royal Society, 2005
Plant nutrient-acquisition strategies change with soil age
H Lambers, JA Raven, GR Shaver, SE Smith
Trends in ecology & evolution 23 (2), 95-103, 2008
Nitrogen assimilation and transport in vascular land plants in relation to intracellular pH regulation
JA Raven, FA Smith
New Phytologist 76 (3), 415-431, 1976
Adaptation of unicellular algae to irradiance: an analysis of strategies
K Richardson, J Beardall, JA Raven
New Phytologist 93 (2), 157-191, 1983
Intracellular pH and its regulation
FA Smith, JA Raven
Annual review of plant physiology 30 (1), 289-311, 1979
The global nitrogen cycle in the twenty-first century
D Fowler, M Coyle, U Skiba, MA Sutton, JN Cape, S Reis, LJ Sheppard, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 368 …, 2013
Phytoplankton in a changing world: cell size and elemental stoichiometry
ZV Finkel, J Beardall, KJ Flynn, A Quigg, TAV Rees, JA Raven
Journal of plankton research 32 (1), 119-137, 2009
Temperature and algal growth
JA Raven, RJ Geider
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The use of natural abundance of nitrogen isotopes in plant physiology and ecology
LL Handley, JA Raven
Plant, Cell & Environment 15 (9), 965-985, 1992
Phosphorus limitation of nitrogen fixation by Trichodesmium in the central Atlantic Ocean
SA Sañudo-Wilhelmy, AB Kustka, CJ Gobler, DA Hutchins, M Yang, ...
Nature 411 (6833), 66, 2001
The role of trace metals in photosynthetic electron transport in O2-evolving organisms
JA Raven, MCW Evans, RE Korb
Photosynthesis research 60 (2-3), 111-150, 1999
The transport and function of silicon in plants
Biological Reviews 58 (2), 179-207, 1983
The twelfth Tansley Lecture. Small is beautiful: the picophytoplankton
JA Raven
Functional ecology 12 (4), 503-513, 1998
The 15N natural abundance (δ15N) of ecosystem samples reflects measures of water availability
LL Handley, AT Austin, GR Stewart, D Robinson, CM Scrimgeour, ...
Functional Plant Biology 26 (2), 185-199, 1999
Tansley review no. 2. Regulation of pH and generation of osmolarity in vascular plants: a cost-benefit analysis in relation to efficiency of use of energy, nitrogen and water
JA Raven
New Phytologist, 25-77, 1985
Energetics and transport in aquatic plants
JA Raven
AR Liss, 1984
Transport of indoleacetic acid in plant cells in relation to pH and electrical potential gradients, and its significance for polar IAA transport
JA Raven
New Phytologist 74 (2), 163-172, 1975
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