Tor Björn Minde
Tor Björn Minde
Adj professor Luleå university of technology
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Multi-channel signal encoding and decoding
TB Minde
US Patent 6,393,392, 2002
Soft error concealment in a TDMA radio system
T Lagerqvist, TB Minde, P Mustel, H Nilsson
US Patent 5,502,713, 1996
Radio link parameter based speech quality index-SQI
A Karlsson, G Heikkila, TB Minde, M Nordlund, B Timus, N Wiren
ICECS'99. Proceedings of ICECS'99. 6th IEEE International Conference on …, 1999
Double mode long term prediction in speech coding
TB Minde
US Patent 5,553,191, 1996
Speech quality measurement based on radio link parameters and objective measurement of received speech signals
TB Minde, AT Uvliden, PA Karlsson, PG Heikkilä
US Patent 6,201,960, 2001
Method and an arrangement for frame detection quality estimation in the receiver of a radio communication system
TB Minde, NP Lundqvist, UT Wahlberg
US Patent 5,432,778, 1995
System and method for implementing a context based payment system
TB Minde
US Patent 8,688,525, 2014
Speech quality measurement in mobile telecommunication networks based on radio link parameters
TB Minde, AT Uvliden, PA Karlsson, PG Heikkilå
US Patent 6,157,830, 2000
Multi-channel signal encoding and decoding
TB Minde, T Lundberg
US Patent 7,263,480, 2007
Method and arrangement for management of virtual meetings
M Stálnacke, O Lundström, T Arngren, T Minde
US Patent App. 12/299,675, 2009
Multi-channel signal encoding and decoding
TB Minde, A Steinarson, J Svedberg, T Lundberg
US Patent 7,283,957, 2007
Analysis-by-synthesis linear predictive speech coder with restricted-position multipulse and transformed binary pulse excitation
TB Minde, PA Mustel
US Patent 5,991,717, 1999
Method and system for verifying geographical descriptiveness of media file
TB Minde, R Carlsson, X Feng, V Fristrom, D Hertz, RZ Xu
US Patent 9,348,845, 2016
Encoding mode control method and decoding mode determining apparatus
J Nyström, TB Minde, F Jansson
US Patent 6,195,337, 2001
Source/channel encoding mode control method and apparatus
E Ekudden, J Sundqvist, TB Minde, K Hellwig
US Patent 6,163,577, 2000
Call-setup method in a digital cellular radio communication system
H Hermansson, S Bruhn, TB Minde
US Patent 5,987,319, 1999
Excitation pulse positioning method in a linear predictive speech coder
TB Minde
US Patent 5,193,140, 1993
Multi-channel signal encoding and decoding
TB Minde, A Steinarson, A Uvliden
US Patent 7,346,110, 2008
Requirements on speech coders imposed by speech service solutions in cellular systems
TB Minde, S Bruhn, E Ekudden, H Hermansson
1997 IEEE Workshop on Speech Coding for Telecommunications Proceedings. Back …, 1997
Techniques for low bit rate speech coding using long analysis frames
TB Minde, T Wigren, J Ahlberg, H Hermansson
1993 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal …, 1993
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