Robyn S Cowan
Robyn S Cowan
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A DNA barcode for land plants
CBOL Plant Working Group
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of …, 2009
A proposal for a standardised protocol to barcode all land plants
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Towards writing the encyclopaedia of life: an introduction to DNA barcoding
V Savolainen, RS Cowan, AP Vogler, GK Roderick, R Lane
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Selecting barcoding loci for plants: evaluation of seven candidate loci with species‐level sampling in three divergent groups of land plants
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A universal probe set for targeted sequencing of 353 nuclear genes from any flowering plant designed using k-medoids clustering
MG Johnson, L Pokorny, S Dodsworth, LR Botigué, RS Cowan, A Devault, ...
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How to open the treasure chest? Optimising DNA extraction from herbarium specimens
T Särkinen, M Staats, JE Richardson, RS Cowan, FT Bakker
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300,000 species to identify: problems, progress, and prospects in DNA barcoding of land plants
RS Cowan, MW Chase, WJ Kress, V Savolainen
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GE Brewer, JJ Clarkson, O Maurin, AR Zuntini, V Barber, S Bellot, N Biggs, ...
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Patterns of variability and gene flow in Medicago citrina, an endangered endemic of islands in the western Mediterranean, as revealed by amplified fragment length …
A Juan, MB Crespo, RS Cowan, C Lexer, MF Fay
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A comprehensive phylogenomic platform for exploring the angiosperm tree of life
WJ Baker, P Bailey, V Barber, A Barker, S Bellot, D Bishop, LR Botigué, ...
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The effects of nuclear DNA content (C-value) on the quality and utility of AFLP fingerprints
MF Fay, RS Cowan, IJ Leitch
Annals of Botany 95 (1), 237-246, 2005
Flower preferences and pollen transport networks for cavity‐nesting solitary bees: Implications for the design of agri‐environment schemes
CEA Gresty, E Clare, DS Devey, RS Cowan, L Csiba, P Malakasi, ...
Ecology and Evolution 8 (15), 7574-7587, 2018
Parentage of endemic Sorbus L. (Rosaceae) species in the British Isles: evidence from plastid DNA
M Chester, RS Cowan, MF Fay, TCG Rich
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A phylogenomic analysis of Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae)
B Murphy, F Forest, T Barraclough, J Rosindell, S Bellot, R Cowan, ...
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The taxonomic treatment of agamosperms in the genusLimonium mill. (Plumbaginaceae)
R Cowan, MJ Ingrouille, MD Lledó
Folia Geobotanica 33, 353-366, 1998
AFLP fingerprinting in Capparis subgenus Capparis related to the commercial sources of capers
C Inocencio, RS Cowan, F Alcaraz, D Rivera, MF Fay
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A nuclear phylogenomic study of the angiosperm order Myrtales, exploring the potential and limitations of the universal Angiosperms353 probe set
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Challenges in the DNA barcoding of plant material
RS Cowan, MF Fay
Plant DNA fingerprinting and barcoding: methods and protocols, 23-33, 2012
SNP-based method for the genetic identification of ramin Gonystylus spp. timber and products: applied research meeting CITES enforcement needs
R Ogden, HN McGough, RS Cowan, L Chua, M Groves, R McEwing
Endangered Species Research 9 (3), 255-261, 2008
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