Endymion D Cooper
Endymion D Cooper
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World checklist of hornworts and liverworts
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The Evolutionary Origin of a Terrestrial Flora
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Challenging the paradigms of leaf evolution: Class III HD-Zips in ferns and lycophytes
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Are the liverworts really that old? Cretaceous origins and Cenozoic diversifications in Lepidoziaceae reflect a recurrent theme in liverwort evolution
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Genetic analysis of DEFECTIVE KERNEL1 loop function in three-dimensional body patterning in Physcomitrella patens
V Demko, PF Perroud, W Johansen, CF Delwiche, ED Cooper, P Remme, ...
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Transcriptome profiling of the green alga Spirogyra pratensis (Charophyta) suggests an ancestral role for ethylene in cell wall metabolism, photosynthesis and abiotic stress …
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Metatranscriptome profiling of a harmful algal bloom
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Overly simplistic substitution models obscure green plant phylogeny
ED Cooper
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Convergent molecular evolution among ash species resistant to the emerald ash borer
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Green algal transcriptomes for phylogenetics and comparative genomics
E Cooper, C Delwiche
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Evaluation of BLAST-based edge-weighting metrics used for homology inference with the Markov Clustering algorithm
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A molecular phylogeny of the Lepidozia generic complex supports re-circumscription of the Lepidozioideae
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Trichocomaceae in bark survive high temperatures and fire
PA McGee, AL Markovina, GCE Jeong, ED Cooper
FEMS microbiology ecology 56 (3), 365-371, 2006
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