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Thomas Guillerme
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Ecology and mode-of-life explain lifespan variation in birds and mammals
K Healy, T Guillerme, S Finlay, A Kane, SBA Kelly, D McClean, DJ Kelly, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1784), 20140298, 2014
Package ‘ape’
E Paradis, S Blomberg, B Bolker, J Brown, J Claude, HS Cuong, ...
Analyses of phylogenetics and evolution, version 2 (4), 2019
SIDER: An R package for predicting trophic discrimination factors of consumers based on their ecology and phylogenetic relatedness
K Healy, T Guillerme, SBA Kelly, R Inger, S Bearhop, AL Jackson
Ecography 41 (8), 1393-1400, 2018
dispRity: a modular R package for measuring disparity
T Guillerme
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9 (7), 1755-1763, 2018
Effects of missing data on topological inference using a total evidence approach
T Guillerme, N Cooper
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 94, 146-158, 2016
mulTree: a package for running MCMCglmm analysis on multiple trees.
T Guillerme, K Healy
ZENODO, 2014
An algorithm for morphological phylogenetic analysis with inapplicable data
MD Brazeau, T Guillerme, MR Smith
Systematic biology 68 (4), 619-631, 2019
A recipe for scavenging in vertebrates–the natural history of a behaviour
A Kane, K Healy, T Guillerme, GD Ruxton, AL Jackson
Ecography 40 (2), 324-334, 2017
Time for a rethink: time sub‐sampling methods in disparity‐through‐time analyses
T Guillerme, N Cooper
Palaeontology 61 (4), 481-493, 2018
Assessment of available anatomical characters for linking living mammals to fossil taxa in phylogenetic analyses
T Guillerme, N Cooper
Biology letters 12 (5), 20151003, 2016
Quaternary vertebrate faunas from Sumba, Indonesia: implications for Wallacean biogeography and evolution
ST Turvey, JJ Crees, J Hansford, TE Jeffree, N Crumpton, I Kurniawan, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1861), 20171278, 2017
Shifting spaces: Which disparity or dissimilarity measurement best summarize occupancy in multidimensional spaces?
T Guillerme, MN Puttick, AE Marcy, V Weisbecker
Ecology and evolution 10 (14), 7261-7275, 2020
Individual variation of the masticatory system dominates 3D skull shape in the herbivory-adapted marsupial wombats
V Weisbecker, T Guillerme, C Speck, E Sherratt, HM Abraha, AC Sharp, ...
Frontiers in zoology 16 (1), 1-14, 2019
Endochondral bone in an Early Devonian ‘placoderm’from Mongolia
MD Brazeau, S Giles, RP Dearden, A Jerve, YA Ariunchimeg, E Zorig, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 4 (11), 1477-1484, 2020
Disparities in the analysis of morphological disparity
T Guillerme, N Cooper, SL Brusatte, KE Davis, AL Jackson, S Gerber, ...
Biology letters 16 (7), 20200199, 2020
Australian rodent diversity evolved in the context of allometry arising from intrinsic constraints
AE Marcy, T Guillerme, E Sherratt, K Rowe, M Phillips, V Weisbecker
University of Chicago Press, 2020
landvR: tools for measuring landmark position variation
T Guillerme, V Weisbecker
ZENODO, 2019
Skull shape of a widely distributed, endangered marsupial reveals little evidence of local adaptation between fragmented populations
P Viacava, SP Blomberg, G Sansalone, MJ Phillips, T Guillerme, ...
Ecology and evolution 10 (18), 9707-9720, 2020
Influence of different modes of morphological character correlation on phylogenetic tree inference
T Guillerme, MD Brazeau
BioRxiv, 308742, 2018
The complex effects of mass extinctions on morphological disparity
MN Puttick, T Guillerme, MA Wills
Evolution 74 (10), 2207-2220, 2020
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