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Elizabeth A. Roznik
North Carolina Zoo
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Variation in thermal performance of a widespread pathogen, the amphibian chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis
LA Stevenson, RA Alford, SC Bell, EA Roznik, L Berger, DA Pike
PLoS ONE 8, e73830, 2013
The thermal mismatch hypothesis explains host susceptibility to an emerging infectious disease
JM Cohen, MD Venesky, EL Sauer, DJ Civitello, TA McMahon, EA Roznik, ...
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The complex drivers of thermal acclimation and breadth in ectotherms
JR Rohr, DJ Civitello, JM Cohen, EA Roznik, B Sinervo, AI Dell
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Does waterproofing Thermochron iButton dataloggers influence temperature readings?
EA Roznik, RA Alford
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Climate change and nesting behaviour in vertebrates: a review of the ecological threats and potential for adaptive responses
MC Mainwaring, I Barber, DC Deeming, DA Pike, EA Roznik, IR Hartley
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Nest inundation from sea-level rise threatens sea turtle population viability
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EA Roznik, SA Johnson
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Canopy closure and emigration by juvenile gopher frogs
EA Roznik, SA Johnson
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Natural disturbance reduces disease risk in endangered rainforest frog populations
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Terrestrial movements and habitat use of gopher frogs in longleaf pine forests: a comparative study of juveniles and adults
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Condition-dependent reproductive effort in frogs infected by a widespread pathogen
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Visible implant elastomer marking does not affect short-term movements or survival rates of the treefrog Litoria rheocola
SJ Sapsford, EA Roznik, RA Alford, L Schwarzkopf
Herpetologica 70, 23-33, 2014
Infection increases vulnerability to climate change via effects on host thermal tolerance
SE Greenspan, DS Bower, EA Roznik, DA Pike, G Marantelli, RA Alford, ...
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Seasonal ecology and behavior of an endangered rainforest frog (Litoria rheocola) threatened by disease
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Are the adverse effects of stressors on amphibians mediated by their effects on stress hormones?
CR Gabor, SA Knutie, EA Roznik, JR Rohr
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Impacts of thermal mismatches on chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis prevalence are moderated by life stage, body size, elevation and latitude
JM Cohen, TA McMahon, C Ramsay, EA Roznik, EL Sauer, S Bessler, ...
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Host-specific thermal profiles affect fitness of a widespread pathogen
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Effects of individual behaviour on host-pathogen interactions: Australian rainforest frogs and the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis
EA Roznik
James Cook University, 2013
Using pairs of physiological models to estimate temporal variation in amphibian body temperature
EA Roznik, RA Alford
Journal of Thermal Biology 45, 22-29, 2014
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