Peter Schönswetter
Peter Schönswetter
Institute of Botany, University of Innsbruck
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Molecular evidence for glacial refugia of mountain plants in the European Alps
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P Schönswetter, A Tribsch
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Saponaria Pumila (Caryophyllaceae) and the Ice Age in the European Alps
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Rare arctic‐alpine plants of the European Alps have different immigration histories: the snow bed species Minuartia biflora and Ranunculus pygmaeus
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Quaternary range dynamics of ecologically divergent species (Edraianthus serpyllifolius and E. tenuifolius, Campanulaceae) within the Balkan refugium
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Bs RAD seq: Screening DNA methylation in natural populations of non‐model species
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Distribution and habitat segregation on different spatial scales among diploid, tetraploid and hexaploid cytotypes of Senecio carniolicus (Asteraceae) in the Eastern …
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Amplified fragment length polymorphism: an invaluable fingerprinting technique for genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenetic studies
O Paun, P Schönswetter
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Range-wide phylogeography of Juniperus thurifera L., a presumptive keystone species of western Mediterranean vegetation during cold stages of the Pleistocene
A Terrab, P Schönswetter, S Talavera, E Vela, TF Stuessy
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Five molecular markers reveal extensive morphological homoplasy and reticulate evolution in the Malva alliance (Malvaceae)
PE García, P Schönswetter, JF Aguilar, GN Feliner, GM Schneeweiss
Molecular phylogenetics and Evolution 50 (2), 226-239, 2009
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