Mohammad Sabzi
Mohammad Sabzi
Hanyang University, University of Maragheh,
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Surface modification of TiO2 nano-particles with silane coupling agent and investigation of its effect on the properties of polyurethane composite coating
M Sabzi, SM Mirabedini, J Zohuriaan-Mehr, M Atai
Progress in Organic Coatings 65 (2), 222-228, 2009
Graphene nanoplatelets as poly (lactic acid) modifier: linear rheological behavior and electrical conductivity
M Sabzi, L Jiang, F Liu, I Ghasemi, M Atai
Journal of materials chemistry A 1 (28), 8253-8261, 2013
Weathering performance of the polyurethane nanocomposite coatings containing silane treated TiO2 nanoparticles
SM Mirabedini, M Sabzi, J Zohuriaan-Mehr, M Atai, M Behzadnasab
Applied Surface Science 257 (9), 4196-4203, 2011
Magnetic hydrogel beads based on PVA/sodium alginate/laponite RD and studying their BSA adsorption
GR Mahdavinia, S Mousanezhad, H Hosseinzadeh, F Darvishi, M Sabzi
Carbohydrate polymers 147, 379-391, 2016
Magnetic-and pH-responsive κ-carrageenan/chitosan complexes for controlled release of methotrexate anticancer drug
GR Mahdavinia, A Mosallanezhad, M Soleymani, M Sabzi
International journal of biological macromolecules 97, 209-217, 2017
Thermally and Electrically Triggered Triple-shape Memory Behavior of Poly(vinyl acetate)/Poly(lactic acid) Due to Graphene-induced Phase Separation
M Sabzi, M Babaahmadi, MR Rahnama
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017
Bioinspired fully physically cross-linked double network hydrogels with a robust, tough and self-healing structure
MB Mohammad Sabzi, Navid Samadi, Farhang Abbasi, Gholam Reza Mahdavinia
Materials Science and Engineering: C 74, 374–381, 2017
Novel magnetic polyvinyl alcohol/laponite RD nanocomposite hydrogels for efficient removal of methylene blue
GR Mahdavinia, M Soleymani, M Sabzi, H Azimi, Z Atlasi
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 5 (3), 2617-2630, 2017
Model protein BSA adsorption onto novel magnetic chitosan/PVA/laponite RD hydrogel nanocomposite beads
GR Mahdavinia, M Soleymani, H Etemadi, M Sabzi, Z Atlasi
International journal of biological macromolecules 107, 719-729, 2018
Preparation of amorphous nanocomposites with quick heat triggered shape memory behavior
M Babaahmadi, M Sabzi, GR Mahdavinia, M Keramati
Polymer 112, 26-34, 2017
Synthesis and characterization of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose-g-poly(acrylamide)/LAPONITE® RD nanocomposites as novel magnetic- and pH-sensitive carriers for controlled drug …
MAMS Gholam Reza Mahdavinia, Sanaz Ettehadi
RSC Advances 5, 44516-44523, 2015
Incorporation of surface modified graphene nanoplatelets for development of shape memory PLA nanocomposite
M Keramati, I Ghasemi, M Karrabi, H Azizi, M Sabzi
Fibers and Polymers 17 (7), 1062-1068, 2016
Graphene nanoplatelets as rheology modifiers for polylactic acid: graphene aspect-ratio-dependent nonlinear rheological behavior
M Sabzi, L Jiang, N Nikfarjam
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54 (33), 8175-8182, 2015
Self-healing and tough hydrogels with physically cross-linked triple networks based on Agar/PVA/Graphene
N Samadi, M Sabzi, M Babaahmadi
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 107, 2291–2297, 2018
PLA/sepiolite and PLA/calcium carbonate nanocomposites: A comparison study
M Sabzi, L Jiang, M Atai, I Ghasemi
Journal of applied polymer science 129 (4), 1734-1744, 2013
Graphene network enabled high speed electrical actuation of shape memory nanocomposite based on poly (vinyl acetate)
M Sabzi, M Babaahmadi, N Samadi, GR Mahdavinia, M Keramati, ...
Polymer International 66 (5), 665-671, 2017
Electrospun silk fibroin/PAN double-layer nanofibrous membranes containing polyaniline/TiO2 nanoparticles for anionic dye removal
S Aziz, M Sabzi, A Fattahi, E Arkan
Journal of Polymer Research 24, 140, 2017
Dispersion of graphene nanoplatelets in polylactic acid with the aid of a zwitterionic surfactant: Evaluation of the shape memory behavior
M Keramati, I Ghasemi, M Karrabi, H Azizi, M Sabzi
Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering 55 (10), 1039-1047, 2016
The release of cefazolin from chitosan/polyvinyl alcohol/sepiolite nanocomposite hydrogel films
GR Mahdavinia, R Hosseini, F Darvishi, M Sabzi
Iranian Polymer Journal 25 (11), 933-943, 2016
Effective dye adsorption behavior of poly (vinyl alcohol)/chitin nanofiber/Fe (III) complex
J Ghourbanpour, M Sabzi, N Shafagh
International journal of biological macromolecules 137, 296-306, 2019
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