Jing W. Wang
Jing W. Wang
Professor of Biology, UCSD
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Two-photon calcium imaging reveals an odor-evoked map of activity in the fly brain
JW Wang, AM Wong, J Flores, LB Vosshall, R Axel
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Spatial representation of the glomerular map in the Drosophila protocerebrum
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CM Root, K Masuyama, DS Green, LE Enell, DR Nässel, CH Lee, ...
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Morphometric description of the wandering behavior in Drosophila larvae: aberrant locomotion in Na+ and K+ channel mutants revealed by computer-assisted motion analysis
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Serotonin modulates olfactory processing in the antennal lobe of Drosophila
AM Dacks, DS Green, CM Root, AJ Nighorn, JW Wang
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Starvation promotes concerted modulation of appetitive olfactory behavior via parallel neuromodulatory circuits
KI Ko, CM Root, SA Lindsay, OA Zaninovich, AK Shepherd, ...
eLife 4, e08298, 2015
A novel leg-shaking Drosophila mutant defective in a voltage-gated K+ current and hypersensitive to reactive oxygen species
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Morphometric description of the wandering behavior in Drosophila larvae: a phenotypic analysis of K+ channel mutants
JW Wang, DR Soll, CF Wu
Journal of neurogenetics 16 (1), 45-63, 2002
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