Young Jae Song
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Conformational molecular switch of the azobenzene molecule: a scanning tunneling microscopy study
BY Choi, SJ Kahng, S Kim, H Kim, HW Kim, YJ Song, J Ihm, Y Kuk
Physical review letters 96 (15), 156106, 2006
A Platform for Large‐Scale Graphene Electronics–CVD Growth of Single‐Layer Graphene on CVD‐Grown Hexagonal Boron Nitride
M Wang, SK Jang, WJ Jang, M Kim, SY Park, SW Kim, SJ Kahng, JY Choi, ...
Advanced Materials 25 (19), 2746-2752, 2013
High-resolution tunnelling spectroscopy of a graphene quartet
YJ Song, AF Otte, Y Kuk, Y Hu, DB Torrance, PN First, WA de Heer, H Min, ...
Nature 467 (7312), 185-189, 2010
Phosphorene/rhenium disulfide heterojunction-based negative differential resistance device for multi-valued logic
J Shim, S Oh, DH Kang, SH Jo, MH Ali, WY Choi, K Heo, J Jeon, S Lee, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-8, 2016
Invited review article: A 10 mK scanning probe microscopy facility
YJ Song, AF Otte, V Shvarts, Z Zhao, Y Kuk, SR Blankenship, A Band, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 81 (12), 121101, 2010
High‐Performance 2D Rhenium Disulfide (ReS2) Transistors and Photodetectors by Oxygen Plasma Treatment
J Shim, A Oh, DH Kang, S Oh, SK Jang, J Jeon, MH Jeon, M Kim, C Choi, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (32), 6985-6992, 2016
Directional dependent piezoelectric effect in CVD grown monolayer MoS2 for flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators
SK Kim, R Bhatia, TH Kim, D Seol, JH Kim, H Kim, W Seung, Y Kim, ...
Nano Energy 22, 483-489, 2016
Synthesis and characterization of hexagonal boron nitride as a gate dielectric
SK Jang, J Youn, YJ Song, S Lee
Scientific reports 6, 30449, 2016
Indirect Bandgap Puddles in Monolayer MoS2 by Substrate‐Induced Local Strain
BG Shin, GH Han, SJ Yun, HM Oh, JJ Bae, YJ Song, CY Park, YH Lee
Advanced Materials 28 (42), 9378-9384, 2016
Extremely Large Gate Modulation in Vertical Graphene/WSe2 Heterojunction Barristor Based on a Novel Transport Mechanism
J Shim, HS Kim, YS Shim, DH Kang, HY Park, J Lee, J Jeon, SJ Jung, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (26), 5293-5299, 2016
Improved carriers injection capacity in perovskite solar cells by introducing A-site interstitial defects
P Zhao, W Yin, M Kim, M Han, YJ Song, TK Ahn, HS Jung
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (17), 7905-7911, 2017
Epitaxial Synthesis of Molybdenum Carbide and Formation of a Mo2C/MoS2 Hybrid Structure via Chemical Conversion of Molybdenum Disulfide
J Jeon, Y Park, S Choi, J Lee, SS Lim, BH Lee, YJ Song, JH Cho, ...
ACS nano 12 (1), 338-346, 2018
Single crystalline film of hexagonal boron nitride atomic monolayer by controlling nucleation seeds and domains
Q Wu, JH Park, S Park, SJ Jung, H Suh, N Park, W Wongwiriyapan, S Lee, ...
Scientific reports 5, 16159, 2015
Catalytic transparency of hexagonal boron nitride on copper for chemical vapor deposition growth of large-area and high-quality graphene
M Wang, M Kim, D Odkhuu, N Park, J Lee, WJ Jang, SJ Kahng, RS Ruoff, ...
ACS nano 8 (6), 5478-5483, 2014
BM Kim, YJ Song, SY Yang, ULEE Gang
US Patent 9,568,238, 2017
Broad detection range rhenium diselenide photodetector enhanced by (3‐aminopropyl) triethoxysilane and triphenylphosphine treatment
SH Jo, HY Park, DH Kang, J Shim, J Jeon, S Choi, M Kim, Y Park, J Lee, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (31), 6711-6718, 2016
In situ synthesis of a large area boron nitride/graphene monolayer/boron nitride film by chemical vapor deposition
Q Wu, SK Jang, S Park, SJ Jung, H Suh, YH Lee, S Lee, YJ Song
Nanoscale 7 (17), 7574-7579, 2015
Enhanced carrier transport along edges of graphene devices
J Chae, S Jung, S Woo, H Baek, J Ha, YJ Song, YW Son, NB Zhitenev, ...
Nano letters 12 (4), 1839-1844, 2012
Light-triggered ternary device and inverter based on heterojunction of van der waals materials
J Shim, SH Jo, M Kim, YJ Song, J Kim, JH Park
ACS nano 11 (6), 6319-6327, 2017
Effects of plasma treatment on surface properties of ultrathin layered MoS2
S Kim, MS Choi, D Qu, CH Ra, X Liu, M Kim, YJ Song, WJ Yoo
2D Materials 3 (3), 035002, 2016
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