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Patrick r l Malenfant
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Organic Thin Film Transistors for Large Area Electronics
CD Dimitrakopoulos, PRL Malenfant
Adv. Mater. 14 (2), 99-117, 2002
Dendrimers and other dendritic polymers
JMJ Frechet, DA Tomalia
John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2001
N-type organic thin-film transistor with high field-effect mobility based on a -dialkyl-3,4,9,10-perylene tetracarboxylic diimide derivative
PRL Malenfant, CD Dimitrakopoulos, JD Gelorme, LL Kosbar, TO Graham, ...
Applied Physics Letters 80 (14), 2517-2519, 2002
Dendrimer-containing light-emitting diodes: toward site-isolation of chromophores
AW Freeman, SC Koene, PRL Malenfant, ME Thompson, JMJ Fréchet
Journal of the American Chemical Society 122 (49), 12385-12386, 2000
Dendrimers as solubilizing groups for conducting polymers: Preparation and characterization of polythiophene functionalized exclusively with aliphatic ether convergent dendrons
PRL Malenfant, JMJ Fréchet
Macromolecules 33 (10), 3634-3640, 2000
Self-assembly of an organic–inorganic block copolymer for nano-ordered ceramics
PRL Malenfant, J Wan, ST Taylor, M Manoharan
Nature nanotechnology 2 (1), 43, 2007
Well-defined triblock hybrid dendrimers based on lengthy oligothiophene cores and poly (benzyl ether) dendrons
PRL Malenfant, L Groenendaal, JMJ Fréchet
Journal of the American Chemical Society 120 (42), 10990-10991, 1998
The “living” free radical synthesis of poly (4-hydroxystyrene): physical properties and dissolution behavior
GG Barclay, CJ Hawker, H Ito, A Orellana, PRL Malenfant, RF Sinta
Macromolecules 31 (4), 1024-1031, 1998
Enrichment of large-diameter semiconducting SWCNTs by polyfluorene extraction for high network density thin film transistors
J Ding, Z Li, J Lefebvre, F Cheng, G Dubey, S Zou, P Finnie, A Hrdina, ...
Nanoscale 6 (4), 2328-2339, 2014
Redox states of well-defined π-conjugated oligothiophenes functionalized with poly (benzyl ether) dendrons
JJ Apperloo, RAJ Janssen, PRL Malenfant, L Groenendaal, JMJ Fréchet
Journal of the American Chemical Society 122 (29), 7042-7051, 2000
Concentration-dependent thermochromism and supramolecular aggregation in solution of triblock copolymers based on lengthy oligothiophene cores and poly (benzyl ether) dendrons
JJ Apperloo, RAJ Janssen, PRL Malenfant, JMJ Fréchet
Macromolecules 33 (19), 7038-7043, 2000
Intercalated organic− inorganic perovskites stabilized by fluoroaryl− aryl interactions
DB Mitzi, DR Medeiros, PRL Malenfant
Inorganic chemistry 41 (8), 2134-2145, 2002
Nanoscale ordered composites of covalent ceramics for high-temperature structural applications via block-copolymer-assisted assembly and method of making
J Wan, A Alizadeh, SPM Loureiro, M Manoharan, PRL Malenfant, ...
US Patent 7,056,849, 2006
Fully printed and encapsulated SWCNT-based thin film transistors via a combination of R2R gravure and inkjet printing
CM Homenick, R James, GP Lopinski, J Dunford, J Sun, H Park, Y Jung, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (41), 27900-27910, 2016
High gravimetric capacity and long cycle life in Mn3O4/graphene platelet/LiCMC composite lithium-ion battery anodes
N Lavoie, PRL Malenfant, FM Courtel, Y Abu-Lebdeh, IJ Davidson
Journal of Power Sources 213, 249-254, 2012
Synthesis and steady-state photophysical properties of dye-labeled dendrimers having novel oligothiophene cores: a comparative study
A Adronov, PRL Malenfant, JMJ Fréchet
Chemistry of materials 12 (5), 1463-1472, 2000
Nanotubes and methods of dispersing and separating nanotubes
PRL Malenfant, WV Cicha, PA Bui, DL Simone
US Patent 7,247,670, 2007
Femtosecond transient absorption studies of energy transfer within chromophore-labeled dendrimers
FVR Neuwahl, R Righini, A Adronov, PRL Malenfant, JMJ Fréchet
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (7), 1307-1312, 2001
Organic n-channel semiconductor device of N, N'3, 4, 9, 10 perylene tetracarboxylic diimide
CD Dimitrakopoulos, JD Gelorme, TO Graham, LL Kosbar, PRL Malenfant
US Patent 7,026,643, 2006
On‐Demand Control of Optoelectronic Coupling in Gold Nanoparticle Arrays
F Seker, PRL Malenfant, M Larsen, A Alizadeh, K Conway, AM Kulkarni, ...
Advanced Materials 17 (16), 1941-1945, 2005
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