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Roberto Moreno-Atanasio
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Effect of the impact angle on the breakage of agglomerates: a numerical study using DEM
R Moreno, M Ghadiri, SJ Antony
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Combining X-ray microtomography with computer simulation for analysis of granular and porous materials
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Analysis of impact damage of agglomerates: effect of impact angle
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Energy dissipation in agglomerates during normal impact
R Moreno-Atanasio
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The angle of repose and size segregation of iron ore granules: DEM analysis and experimental investigation
C Li, T Honeyands, D O'Dea, R Moreno-Atanasio
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Effect of van der Waals force cut-off distance on adhesive collision parameters in DEM simulation
H Abbasfard, G Evans, R Moreno-Atanasio
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Surface charge control through the reversible adsorption of a biomimetic polymer on silica particles
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R Maxwell, S Ata, EJ Wanless, R Moreno-Atanasio
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Selective agglomeration of fine coal using a water-in-oil emulsion
K van Netten, R Moreno-Atanasio, KP Galvin
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A kinetic study of a modified fine coal agglomeration process
K van Netten, R Moreno-Atanasio, KP Galvin
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Application of X-ray microtomography to numerical simulations of agglomerate breakage by distinct element method
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Influence of the hydrophobic force model on the capture of particles by bubbles: A computational study using Discrete Element Method
R Moreno-Atanasio
Advanced Powder Technology 24 (4), 786-795, 2013
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