Mathieu Bourguignon
Mathieu Bourguignon
ULB Neuroscience Institute
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Out‐of‐synchrony speech entrainment in developmental dyslexia
N Molinaro, M Lizarazu, M Lallier, M Bourguignon, M Carreiras
Human brain mapping 37 (8), 2767-2783, 2016
The pace of prosodic phrasing couples the listener's cortex to the reader's voice
M Bourguignon, X De Tiege, MO De Beeck, N Ligot, P Paquier, ...
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Functional motor-cortex mapping using corticokinematic coherence
M Bourguignon, X De Tiège, MO de Beeck, B Pirotte, P Van Bogaert, ...
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A geometric correction scheme for spatial leakage effects in MEG/EEG seed‐based functional connectivity mapping
V Wens, B Marty, A Mary, M Bourguignon, M Op de Beeck, S Goldman, ...
Human brain mapping 36 (11), 4604-4621, 2015
Corticokinematic coherence mainly reflects movement-induced proprioceptive feedback
M Bourguignon, H Piitulainen, X De Tiège, V Jousmäki, R Hari
Neuroimage 106, 382-390, 2015
Developmental evaluation of atypical auditory sampling in dyslexia: Functional and structural evidence
M Lizarazu, M Lallier, N Molinaro, M Bourguignon, PM Paz‐Alonso, ...
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Left superior temporal gyrus is coupled to attended speech in a cocktail-party auditory scene
M Vander Ghinst, M Bourguignon, MO de Beeck, V Wens, B Marty, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 36 (5), 1596-1606, 2016
Neuronal network coherent with hand kinematics during fast repetitive hand movements
M Bourguignon, V Jousmäki, MO de Beeck, P Van Bogaert, S Goldman, ...
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Corticokinematic coherence during active and passive finger movements
H Piitulainen, M Bourguignon, X De Tiege, R Hari, V Jousmäki
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Clinical added value of magnetic source imaging in the presurgical evaluation of refractory focal epilepsy
X De Tiège, E Carrette, B Legros, K Vonck, M Bourguignon, N Massager, ...
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 83 (4), 417-423, 2012
Inter-and intra-subject variability of neuromagnetic resting state networks
V Wens, M Bourguignon, S Goldman, B Marty, MO De Beeck, C Clumeck, ...
Brain topography 27 (5), 620-634, 2014
Inter- and Intra-Subject Variability of Neuromagnetic Resting State Networks
V Wens, M Bourguignon, S Goldman, B Marty, ...
Brain Topography 27, 620-634, 2014
MEG-compatible pneumatic stimulator to elicit passive finger and toe movements
H Piitulainen, M Bourguignon, R Hari, V Jousmäki
Neuroimage 112, 310-317, 2015
About the electrophysiological basis of resting state networks
V Wens, A Mary, M Bourguignon, S Goldman, B Marty, MO de Beeck, ...
Clinical neurophysiology: official journal of the International Federation …, 2014
Coherence between magnetoencephalography and hand-action-related acceleration, force, pressure, and electromyogram
H Piitulainen, M Bourguignon, X De Tiège, R Hari, V Jousmäki
Neuroimage 72, 83-90, 2013
Aging reduces experience-induced sensorimotor plasticity. A magnetoencephalographic study
A Mary, M Bourguignon, V Wens, MO de Beeck, R Leproult, X De Tiège, ...
NeuroImage 104, 59-68, 2015
Primary motor cortex and cerebellum are coupled with the kinematics of observed hand movements
M Bourguignon, X De Tiege, M Op de Beeck, P Van Bogaert, S Goldman, ...
Neuroimage C 66, 500-507, 2013
Neural signatures of hand kinematics in leaders vs. followers: A dual-MEG study
G Zhou, M Bourguignon, L Parkkonen, R Hari
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Comparing MEG and high-density EEG for intrinsic functional connectivity mapping
N Coquelet, X De Tiège, F Destoky, L Roshchupkina, M Bourguignon, ...
NeuroImage 210, 116556, 2020
Human primary motor cortex is both activated and stabilized during observation of other person's phasic motor actions
R Hari, M Bourguignon, H Piitulainen, E Smeds, X De Tiege, V Jousmäki
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369 …, 2014
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