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Determinants of male territorial behavior in a Hungarian collared flycatcher population: plumage traits of residents and challengers
L Zsolt Garamszegi, B Rosivall, G Hegyi, E Szöllősi, J Török, M Eens
Effects of Environmental Conditions and Parental Quality on Inter- and Intraclutch Egg-Size Variation in the Collared Flycatcher (Ficedula Albicollis)
R Hargitai, J Török, L Tóth, G Hegyi, B Rosivall, B Szigeti, E Szöllősi
The Auk 122 (2), 509-522, 2005
Selection for fast and slow exploration affects baseline and stress-induced corticosterone excretion in Great tit nestlings, Parus major
M Stöwe, B Rosivall, PJ Drent, E Möstl
Hormones and behavior 58 (5), 864-871, 2010
Age‐Dependent Expression of Song in the Collared Flycatcher, Ficedula albicollis
LZ Garamszegi, J Török, G Hegyi, E Szöllõsi, B Rosivall, M Eens
Ethology 113 (3), 246-256, 2007
Brood sex ratio adjustment in collared flycatchers (Ficedula albicollis): results differ between populations
B Rosivall, J Török, D Hasselquist, S Bensch
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 56, 346-351, 2004
Determinants of distribution and prevalence of avian malaria in blue tit populations across Europe: separating host and parasite effects
E Szöllősi, M Cichoń, M Eens, D Hasselquist, B Kempenaers, S Merino, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24 (9), 2014-2024, 2011
Carotenoids in the egg yolks of collared flycatchers (Ficedula albicollis) in relation to parental quality, environmental factors and laying order
J Török, R Hargitai, G Hegyi, Z Matus, G Michl, P Péczely, B Rosivall, ...
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 61, 541-550, 2007
Rapid temporal change in the expression and age‐related information content of a sexually selected trait
G Hegyi, J Török, L Tóth, LZ Garamszegi, B Rosivall
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 19 (1), 228-238, 2006
Corticosterone, avoidance of novelty, risk‐taking and aggression in a wild bird: No evidence for pleiotropic effects
LZ Garamszegi, B Rosivall, S Rettenbacher, G Markó, S Zsebők, ...
Ethology 118 (7), 621-635, 2012
Effects of extrapair paternity and sex on nestling growth and condition in the collared flycatcher, Ficedula albicollis
B Rosivall, E Szöllősi, D Hasselquist, J Török
Animal Behaviour 77 (3), 611-617, 2009
Maternal compensation for hatching asynchrony in the collared flycatcher Ficedula albicollis
B Rosivall, E Szöllősi, J Török
Journal of Avian Biology 36 (6), 531-537, 2005
Connecting the data landscape of long‐term ecological studies: the SPI‐Birds data hub
A Culina, F Adriaensen, LD Bailey, MD Burgess, A Charmantier, EF Cole, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 90 (9), 2147-2160, 2021
Phenotypic plasticity in a conspicuous female plumage trait: information content and mating patterns
G Hegyi, B Rosivall, E Szöllősi, R Hargitai, M Eens, J Török
Animal Behaviour 75 (3), 977-989, 2008
Egg quality and parental ornamentation in the blue tit Parus caeruleus
B Szigeti, J Török, G Hegyi, B Rosivall, R Hargitai, E Szõllõsi, G Michl
Journal of Avian Biology 38 (1), 105-112, 2007
Yolk androstenedione, but not testosterone, predicts offspring fate and reflects parental quality
G Hegyi, M Herényi, E Szöllősi, B Rosivall, J Török, TGG Groothuis
Behavioral Ecology 22 (1), 29-38, 2011
Males are sensitive—sex-dependent effect of rearing conditions on nestling growth
B Rosivall, E Szöllősi, D Hasselquist, J Török
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 64, 1555-1562, 2010
Paternal age and offspring growth: separating the intrinsic quality of young from rearing effects
G Hegyi, B Rosivall, J Török
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 60, 672-682, 2006
Dynamics of multiple sexual signals in relation to climatic conditions
G Hegyi, J Török, LZ Garamszegi, B Rosivall, E Szöllösi, R Hargitai
Evolutionary Ecology Research 9 (6), 905-920, 2007
Passerine extrapair mating dynamics: a Bayesian modeling approach comparing four species
JE Brommer, JS Alho, C Biard, JR Chapman, A Charmantier, A Dreiss, ...
The American Naturalist 176 (2), 178-187, 2010
Is hatching asynchrony beneficial for the brood?
E Szöllősi, B Rosivall, J Török
Behavioral Ecology 18 (2), 420-426, 2007
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