Ronnie Hoekstra
Ronnie Hoekstra
Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen
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Charge driven fragmentation of nucleobases
J De Vries, R Hoekstra, R Morgenstern, T Schlathölter
Physical review letters 91 (5), 053401, 2003
Ion‐Induced Biomolecular Radiation Damage: From Isolated Nucleobases to Nucleobase Clusters
T Schlathölter, F Alvarado, S Bari, A Lecointre, R Hoekstra, V Bernigaud, ...
ChemPhysChem 7 (11), 2339-2345, 2006
Strong velocity effects in collisions of He+ with fullerenes
T Schlathölter, O Hadjar, R Hoekstra, R Morgenstern
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Sputtering of silicon by multiply charged ions
ST De Zwart, T Fried, DO Boerma, R Hoekstra, AG Drentje, AL Boers
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Cq+-induced excitation and fragmentation of uracil: effects of the projectile electronic structure
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H Anderson, MG Von Hellermann, R Hoekstra, LD Horton, AC Howman, ...
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Spectral analysis of the Chandra comet survey
D Bodewits, DJ Christian, M Torney, M Dryer, CM Lisse, K Dennerl, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 469 (3), 1183-1195, 2007
Do hollow atoms exist in front of an insulating LiF (100) surface?
J Limburg, S Schippers, R Hoekstra, R Morgenstern, H Kurz, F Aumayr, ...
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Dynamic properties of ion guiding through nanocapillaries in an insulating polymer
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The 1983 atomic mass evaluation:(IV). Evaluation of input values, adjustment procedures
AH Wapstra, G Audi, R Hoekstra
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Recoil momentum spectroscopy of highly charged ion collisions on magneto-optically trapped Na
JW Turkstra, R Hoekstra, S Knoop, D Meyer, R Morgenstern, RE Olson
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Database for inelastic collisions of lithium atoms with electrons, protons, and multiply charged ions
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Photodissociation of protonated leucine-enkephalin in the VUV range of 8–40 eV
S Bari, O Gonzalez-Magaña, G Reitsma, J Werner, S Schippers, ...
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M Von Hellermann, W Mandl, HP Summers, A Boileau, R Hoekstra, ...
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Collisions of with neutral: Charge transfer and fragmentation
T Schlathölter, R Hoekstra, R Morgenstern
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Ionization and Fragmentation of Anthracene upon Interaction with keV Protons and α Particles
J Postma, S Bari, R Hoekstra, A Tielens, T Schlathölter
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Inner-and outer-shell electron dynamics in proton collisions with sodium atoms
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Comment on ‘‘Evidence for correlated double-electron capture in low-energy collisions of with He’’
H Winter, M Mack, R Hoekstra, A Niehaus, FJ De Heer
Physical review letters 58 (9), 957, 1987
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