Han Gyol Yi
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A neural basis of speech-in-noise perception in older adults
S Anderson, A Parbery-Clark, HG Yi, N Kraus
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Dual-learning systems during speech category learning
B Chandrasekaran, HG Yi, WT Maddox
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The role of corticostriatal systems in speech category learning
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Subcortical representation of speech fine structure relates to reading ability
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Dual systems of speech category learning across the lifespan.
WT Maddox, B Chandrasekaran, K Smayda, HG Yi
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Cortical‐evoked potentials reflect speech‐in‐noise perception in children
S Anderson, B Chandrasekaran, HG Yi, N Kraus
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Reduced efficiency of audiovisual integration for nonnative speech
HG Yi, JEB Phelps, R Smiljanic, B Chandrasekaran
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 134 (5), EL387-EL393, 2013
Enhanced procedural learning of speech sound categories in a genetic variant of FOXP2
B Chandrasekaran, HG Yi, NJ Blanco, JE McGeary, WT Maddox
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The neural processing of foreign-accented speech and its relationship to listener bias
HG Yi, R Smiljanic, B Chandrasekaran
Frontiers in human neuroscience 8, 768, 2014
Elevated depressive symptoms enhance reflexive but not reflective auditory category learning
WT Maddox, B Chandrasekaran, K Smayda, HG Yi, S Koslov, CG Beevers
cortex 58, 186-198, 2014
Effect of explicit dimensional instruction on speech category learning
B Chandrasekaran, HG Yi, KE Smayda, WT Maddox
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The encoding of speech sounds in the superior temporal gyrus
HG Yi, MK Leonard, EF Chang
Neuron 102 (6), 1096-1110, 2019
Nonnative audiovisual speech perception in noise: Dissociable effects of the speaker and listener
Z Xie, HG Yi, B Chandrasekaran
PloS one 9 (12), 2014
Vowel decoding from single‐trial speech‐evoked electrophysiological responses: A feature‐based machine learning approach
HG Yi, Z Xie, R Reetzke, AG Dimakis, B Chandrasekaran
Brain and behavior 7 (6), e00665, 2017
Auditory categories with separable decision boundaries are learned faster with full feedback than with minimal feedback
HG Yi, B Chandrasekaran
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Stay on path: PCA along graph paths
M Asteris, A Kyrillidis, A Dimakis, HG Yi, B Chandrasekaran
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Performance pressure enhances speech learning
WT Maddox, S Koslov, HG Yi, B Chandrasekaran
Applied psycholinguistics 37 (6), 1369-1396, 2016
The role of the human auditory corticostriatal network in speech learning
G Feng, HG Yi, B Chandrasekaran
Cerebral Cortex 29 (10), 4077-4089, 2019
Audiovisual integration for perception of speech produced by nonnative speakers
The role of corticostriatal loops in auditory category learning
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