Kunihiko Taira
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The immersed boundary method: a projection approach
K Taira, T Colonius
Journal of Computational Physics 225 (2), 2118-2137, 2007
Three-dimensional flows around low-aspect-ratio flat-plate wings at low Reynolds numbers
K Taira, TIM Colonius
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 623, 187-207, 2009
Modal analysis of fluid flows: An overview
K Taira, SL Brunton, STM Dawson, CW Rowley, T Colonius, BJ McKeon, ...
Aiaa Journal, 4013-4041, 2017
A fast immersed boundary method using a nullspace approach and multi-domain far-field boundary conditions
T Colonius, K Taira
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 197 (25-28), 2131-2146, 2008
Computational fluid dynamics
T Kajishima, K Taira
Springer, 2017
Effect of tip vortices in low-Reynolds-number poststall flow control
K Taira, T Colonius
AIAA journal 47 (3), 749-756, 2009
Unsteadiness in flow over a flat plate at angle-of-attack at low Reynolds numbers
K Taira, W Dickson, T Colonius, M Dickinson, C Rowley
45th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, 710, 2007
Numerical simulation of turbulent flows
T Kajishima, K Taira
Computational Fluid Dynamics, 207-235, 2017
The leading-edge vortex and quasisteady vortex shedding on an accelerating plate
KK Chen, T Colonius, K Taira
Physics of fluids 22 (3), 033601, 2010
Network structure of two-dimensional decaying isotropic turbulence
K Taira, AG Nair, SL Brunton
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 795, 2016
Drag reduction on a flat-back ground vehicle with active flow control
J McNally, E Fernandez, G Robertson, R Kumar, K Taira, F Alvi, ...
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 145, 292-303, 2015
Network-theoretic approach to sparsified discrete vortex dynamics
AG Nair, K Taira
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 768, 549-571, 2015
Stabilization of ill-posed problems through thermal rate sensors
JI Frankel, G Osborne, K Taira
Journal of thermophysics and heat transfer 20 (2), 238-246, 2006
On the mechanism of trailing vortex wandering
AM Edstrand, TB Davis, PJ Schmid, K Taira, LN Cattafesta
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 801, 2016
Vortex dynamics around pitching plates
RT Jantzen, K Taira, KO Granlund, MV Ol
Physics of Fluids 26 (5), 053606, 2014
Two-dimensional compressible viscous flow around a circular cylinder
D Canuto, K Taira
Journal of fluid mechanics 785, 349-371, 2015
In-phase error estimation of experimental data and optimal first derivatives
J Frankel, M Keyhani, K Taira
AIAA journal 42 (5), 1017-1024, 2004
Detecting vortex formation and shedding in cylinder wakes using Lagrangian coherent structures
MP Rockwood, K Taira, MA Green
AIAA Journal 55 (1), 15-23, 2016
Lift enhancement for low-aspect-ratio wings with periodic excitation
K Taira, CW Rowley, T Colonius, DR Williams
AIAA journal 48 (8), 1785-1790, 2010
Modeling and control of plasma rotation for NSTX using neoclassical toroidal viscosity and neutral beam injection
IR Goumiri, CW Rowley, SA Sabbagh, DA Gates, SP Gerhardt, MD Boyer, ...
Nuclear Fusion 56 (3), 036023, 2016
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