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Extreme drought effects on carbon dynamics of a semiarid pasture
N Rajan, SJ Maas, S Cui
Agronomy Journal 105 (6), 1749-1760, 2013
High spectral and spatial resolution hyperspectral imagery for quantifying Russian wheat aphid infestation in wheat using the constrained energy minimization classifier
M Mirik, RJ Ansley, K Steddom, CM Rush, GJ Michels, F Workneh, S Cui, ...
Journal of applied remote sensing 8 (1), 083661, 2014
Emitter Uniformity and Application Efficiency for Centre‐Pivot Irrigation Systems
N Rajan, S Maas, R Kellison, M Dollar, S Cui, S Sharma, A Attia
Irrigation and Drainage 64 (3), 353-361, 2015
Extreme drought effects on summer evapotranspiration and energy balance of a grassland in the Southern Great Plains
N Rajan, SJ Maas, S Cui
Ecohydrology 8 (7), 1194-1204, 2015
Liming effects on soil pH and crop yield depend on lime material type, application method and rate, and crop species: a global meta-analysis
Y Li, S Cui, SX Chang, Q Zhang
Journal of Soils and Sediments 19 (3), 1393-1406, 2019
Residue retention and minimum tillage improve physical environment of the soil in croplands: A global meta-analysis
Y Li, Z Li, S Cui, S Jagadamma, Q Zhang
Soil and Tillage Research 194, 104292, 2019
In search of long-term sustainable tillage and straw mulching practices for a maize-winter wheat-soybean rotation system in the Loess Plateau of China
Z Li, X Lai, Q Yang, X Yang, S Cui, Y Shen
Field Crops Research 217, 199-210, 2018
Yield, quality, and spectral reflectance responses of cotton under subsurface drip irrigation
A Attia, N Rajan, G Ritchie, S Cui, A Ibrahim, D Hays, Q Xue, J Wilborn
Agronomy Journal 107 (4), 1355-1364, 2015
Growth and nutritive value of three Old World bluestems and three legumes in the semiarid Texas High Plains
S Cui, VG Allen, CP Brown, DB Wester
Crop Science 53 (1), 329-340, 2013
Modelling the effects of conservation tillage on crop water productivity, soil water dynamics and evapotranspiration of a maize-winter wheat-soybean rotation system on the …
X Yang, L Zheng, Q Yang, Z Wang, S Cui, Y Shen
Agricultural systems 166, 111-123, 2018
An improved systematic approach to predicting transcription factor target genes using support vector machine
S Cui, E Youn, J Lee, SJ Maas
PloS one 9 (4), e94519, 2014
An automated soil line identification method using relevance vector machine
S Cui, N Rajan, SJ Maas, E Youn
Remote Sensing Letters 5 (2), 175-184, 2014
A global synthesis of the effect of water and nitrogen input on maize (Zea mays) yield, water productivity and nitrogen use efficiency
Y Li, Z Li, S Cui, SX Chang, C Jia, Q Zhang
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 268, 136-145, 2019
Developing sustainable cropping systems by integrating crop rotation with conservation tillage practices on the Loess Plateau, a long-term imperative
Z Li, X Yang, S Cui, Q Yang, X Yang, J Li, Y Shen
Field Crops Research 222, 164-179, 2018
Carbon and nitrogen responses of three old world bluestems to nitrogen fertilization or inclusion of a legume
S Cui, CJ Zilverberg, VG Allen, CP Brown, J Moore-Kucera, DB Wester, ...
Field Crops Research 164, 45-53, 2014
Residue retention promotes soil carbon accumulation in minimum tillage systems: Implications for conservation agriculture
Y Li, Z Li, SX Chang, S Cui, S Jagadamma, Q Zhang, Y Cai
Science of The Total Environment, 140147, 2020
Seasonal variability of evapotranspiration and carbon exchanges over a biomass sorghum field in the Southern US Great Plains
S Sharma, N Rajan, S Cui, K Casey, S Ale, R Jessup, S Maas
Biomass and Bioenergy 105, 392-401, 2017
Machine learning-based microarray analyses indicate low-expression genes might collectively influence PAH disease
S Cui, Q Wu, J West, J Bai
PLoS computational biology 15 (8), e1007264, 2019
Carbon and evapotranspiration dynamics of a non-native perennial grass with biofuel potential in the southern US Great Plains
S Sharma, N Rajan, S Cui, S Maas, K Casey, S Ale, R Jessup
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 269, 285-293, 2019
Data-driven precision agriculture: opportunities and challenges
W Guo, S Cui, J Torrion, N Rajan
Soil-Specific Farming, 366-385, 2015
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