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Gender‐specific effect of obesity on balance
F Menegoni, M Galli, E Tacchini, L Vismara, M Cavigioli, P Capodaglio
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Effect of obesity and low back pain on spinal mobility: a cross sectional study in women
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F Menegoni, E Milano, C Trotti, M Galli, M Bigoni, S Baudo, A Mauro
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Early versus delayed rehabilitation treatment in hemiplegic patients with ischemic stroke: proprioceptive or cognitive approach
M Morreale, P Marchione, A Pili, A Lauta, SF Castiglia, A Spallone, ...
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Walking in an immersive virtual reality.
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Balance in patients with anorexia and bulimia nervosa
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This study quantifies balance capacity with stabilogram in obese subjects …, 2009
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A colorimetric characterization of the raw digital data of the Visible Human Dataset images
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Kinematic analysis of upper limb movements in multiple sclerosis patients
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Balance in virtual reality in Parkinson's disease: a preliminary study
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Journal of Neurology 256, S144-S144, 2009
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